Animal Hospital Shows Off Great Dane's Enormous Litter Of Puppies

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Animal Hospital Shows Off Great Dane's Enormous Litter Of Puppies

Kingman Animal Hospital - Facebook

A Great Dane from Arizona has over a dozen little mouths to feed after a delivering a huge litter of puppies last weekend.

The dog, named Cleo, gave birth to 19 puppies by cesarean section at the Kingman Animal Hospital. By Monday, vets reported that Cleo and her huge brood are all healthy, and resting at home with their owner.

Great Dane Puppies
Cleo's litter was twice the size of an average dog's, so she needed an emergency cesarean.Kingman Animal Hospital - Facebook

Cleo is no average mom, because Great Danes rarely welcome more than 10 puppies at a time.

"So," said surgeon Dr. Erika Agone, "in this case, it was like double, which is why Cleo had to come in to give birth."

"It was like never-ending puppies," she added.

Great Dane Puppies
Employees worked in shifts to feed and care for the puppies.Kingman Animal Hospital - Facebook
Great Dane Puppies
It's unclear how many of the puppies Cleo's owner will keep.Kingman Animal Hospital - Facebook

To ease the strain on the new mom, vets are bottle feeding the puppies every few hours, which is proving to be a major operation itself.

Animal hospital employee Cassie Mceuen told ABC News they had "eleven people working to wake up the puppies once they came out."

"Thank you all for the kind words and congrats to the momma dog and our hard working staff that came in for this emergency," the hospital posted on Facebook.

Great Dane Puppies
Cleo and her puppies are all in good health.Kingman Animal Hospital - Facebook

If you know anyone in Arizona looking to welcome a Great Dane into their family, we bet Cleo's owners won't have space for almost 20 of the enormous dogs.

Great Danes are some of the biggest dogs of all - the world's tallest dog, 44-inch tall Zeus, is a Dane - which explains how Cleo could even carry 19 pups.

But the new mom didn't become a record holder. Vet Street claims that a Neapolitan Mastiff named Tia welcomed 24 babies in 2004.

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Congratulations to Cleo!

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