The Grinch Stole The Show In These Hilariously Awkward Real Estate Photos

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The Grinch Stole The Show In These Hilariously Awkward Real Estate Photos

Dudley Frank Home Team - Facebook

We're not sure where Whoville is, exactly, but it must be a short commute from both Mount Crumpit and Baltimore, Maryland, because the Grinch has been spotted in both those places.

It seems that realtors from the Dudley Frank Home Team relied on Dr. Seuss' classic character to spice up their listing photos for a charming row house.

The grumpy green character certainly gave the realtors their money's worth, showing off the home's features in a series of funny photos.

While the home's three bedrooms and two bathrooms might draw your eye, you can also catch the Grinch pilfering stockings - and even a Christmas tree - in the background.

The Grinch definitely made himself at home during the shoot, reclining in the master bedroom and finding his zen on a yoga mat.

Marketing a home with a silly costume is a little unusual, but it obviously works for the team. They've also featured unicorns and Spider-Man in their listing photos.

Enlisting the wall-crawler proved to be a smart move: the home had sat on the market for more than 100 days with another realtor, but silly photos of the friendly Baltimore Spider-Man helped Dudley Frank sell it in just 13 days.  

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