Chef Makes Desserts That Look Disgusting But Taste Delicious

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Chef Makes Desserts That Look Disgusting But Taste Delicious

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There are a lot of strange things I've seen and tried, like charcoal ice cream and peanut butter on a hamburger, but this is too much.

Chef Ben Churchill posts his unique dessert creations on Instagram, and it's creating quite a buzz.

I'm not surprised, because if I didn't know these disgusting-looking things were actually edible desserts, I would be mortified to see someone eat them.

Churchill calls himself a food illusionist, "challenging perceptions with desserts."

You'll be shocked by the ingredients he uses to create these nasty-looking desserts, but once you find out, your mouth will be watering.

Scroll down to see some of his awesome creations!


Mind over matter is what I tell myself, but it's not working. I can barely look at this creation, let alone try a piece of it. That being said, 10/10 for creativity!

Dirty Kitchen Sponge

A dirty kitchen sponge is just what you need after a delicious main course, am I right?

If you're wondering how he made this, check out his Instagram video below.

That milk foam fooled me!

You've got to hand it to the chef, he's quite talented. You can tell there's a lot that goes into making these desserts look real.

Cigarette Butts

These cigarette butts are made of chocolate and black meringue powder.

Two things I love and would never in a thousand years think to be mixed together to be shaped into a cigarette butt.

Worm In Soil

The worm looks so real, which is why if someone plopped this dish in front of me I would think I'm on an episode of Fear Factor.

This ingredients in this creation are actually delicious: chocolate cake, strawberry jelly, chocolate ganache, and mint. Yum!

Moldy Mandarin

It's the meringue powder that gives off that nasty mold color. That's pretty creative.

Again, my eyes will signal to my brain that I need to throw that mandarin out.


A human organ?! Okay, this has gone too far!

Churchill doesn't only fool people with gross-looking desserts, he also has some appetizing creations!

Eggs On Toast

My eyes and taste buds are going to have to battle each other, but this I'm all for!


I want to make this for Halloween this year!


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Now, this is what I call dessert.

Would you try the gross-looking food? Let us know in the comments!

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