Gwyneth Paltrow Sued For $3 Million After Bizarre "Ski-And-Run" Incident

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Gwyneth Paltrow Sued For $3 Million After Bizarre "Ski-And-Run" Incident

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Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to controversy or being sued, but this latest lawsuit against her is unlike any of the previous ones.

Terry Sanderson, a 72-year-old Utah doctor, has accused the actress of injuring him while on the ski slopes at Deer Valley Resort.

But to make matters even worse, Sanderson alleged that Paltrow did not stick around to make sure he was fine, instead she just skied away and did not call for help.

The incident which took place in 2016 left the man with serious injuries so now he's coming after the Shallow Hal star for compensation.

In a recent press conference in Salt Lake City, Sanderson gave an account of the events that unfolded that fateful day, explaining that he hears a "hysterical scream" right before Paltrow ran into him and struck him between his shoulder blades.

He recalled being thrown forward right before he lost consciousness. He later woke up in a hospital with four broken ribs and a severe concussion that has left him unable to function as well as he used to.

Sanderson's friend, Craig Ramon, allegedly witnessed the incident and corroborates the story.

Terry Sanderson
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As for Paltrow, she has denied all the claims that Sanderson made in the lawsuit.

"This lawsuit is without merit and we expect to be vindicated," her spokesperson Heather Wilson said in a statement.

If you're wondering why it took Sanderson three years to take legal action, he said that problems with previous attorneys and his health issues prevented him from doing so any earlier.

He is now seeking $3.1 million in damages, and he wants to make it clear that he isn't after Paltrow because she is rich.

"I would like to be vindicated," he said. "I would like my truth to be told."

Sanderson's suit comes just a few months after Paltrow's lifestyle company, Goop, settled a $145,000 civil lawsuit against them.

The company came under fire for making unfounded claims about the health benefits of their products, more specifically their Jade and Rose Quartz vaginal eggs.

According to Goop, the $66 eggs were supposedly helpful in balancing their hormones, regulating menstrual cycles, preventing uterine prolapse, and increasing bladder control, but there wasn't enough science to back it up.

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