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These 8 Habits Will Make You More Likable

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The undeniable truth is that we do the things we do in order to be liked by other people. What people find likable about you may be subjective, but studies have shown that objective likability traits do exist.


I'm sure every self-help book has this phrase somewhere in its contents: Be yourself. The reason why this phrase is so heavily preached is because it's the first step to becoming a better, more confident person. The only way to give off a genuine perception is to be who you are. People like a genuine person because we feel comfortable and trusting in their presence.

There's one caveat to this: don't give depressing or secret details about your life when it's not necessary. You want to come across as human, but not as an avid complainer.

The 'seven' second window

This may make or break you. Make sure to leave a positive impression the first time you meet someone. Studies have shown that first impressions can be close to impossible to change. This shouldn't be daunting, it only reinforces the point on authenticity and positive body language.

Be engaged

Put the phone down. There's nothing worse than having a conversation with someone who is having a conversation with someone else. Also, don't be the person who is thinking about what they want to say next. Asking questions and reacting appropriately is a crucial!

Tip: Give compliments!  

Remember names/facts

If you've ever been surprised by someone you don't know very well remembering your name or a quirky fact about you, it's probably made you feel good. So, don't feel shy to ask questions, even if you have to ask a second time. Studies show that calling someone by name makes them feel validated and important, whether you call their name when you greet them or during other parts of the conversation.

These next four are very important...

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