New Hair Styling Method Proves To Be The Hottest Technique Around

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New Hair Styling Method Proves To Be The Hottest Technique Around


A new hair styling technique have become the latest craze thanks to the hottest barbershop around.

Palestinian barber Ramadan Odwan has been using a blowtorch to straighten and style his clients' hair.

While this practice has been used before, this unusual method is unique to Odwan, 37, on the Gaza Strip, where he has been in business for 18 years.

Odwan said he applies a mysterious liquid coating to protect his customer's hair before he sets it ablaze.

"I control how long I apply fire, I keep it on and off for 10 seconds or 15 seconds. It is completely safe and I have not encountered any accident since I started it two months ago," Odwan said in an interview with Reuters.

While a nerve-wrecking practice, Kamal Hamdan told Global News he feels safe in his barber's hands.

"It's a new experience in Palestine and it is nice. I used to straighten my hair with gel and only in the first week after using it I felt my hair was nice and unique, but after that my hair would get ruined. When I saw this technique and researched it online, I figured that it was a nice and a unique technique, despite it being risky. However, while my hair is being straightened, I don't feel like I'm in danger," he said.

Odwan said he conducts his craft with flames to demonstrate the fact Palestinian barbers are just as "professional as those out there around the world."

"People have gone crazy about it, many people are curious to go through the experience and they are not afraid. People here love adventures," Odwan said.

If you're ever in Rafah, look out for Odwan and his barbershop for a hot new hairdo. He said he only charges 20 shekels ($5.20) for a haircut and fire-straightening to keep it affordable for his core clientele.

Would you let Odwan style your hair?

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