Hands-On Jobs In the Construction Industry

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Hands-On Jobs In the Construction Industry

If you or a family member is looking for a hands-on job, you should take the construction industry into consideration. There is an ample number of hands-on jobs to choose from, and each one is vastly different from the others.

Depending on your skillset, talents, and interests when it comes to a future career, one of the following jobs may strike your interest.

Construction Worker

The most obvious job in the construction industry is that of a construction worker. But what exactly does this job entail?

Construction workers often start off in the entry-level position, where they work on a site and fulfill tasks assigned by the construction manager. These tasks may include cleaning, digging ditches, unloading equipment, and other miscellaneous tasks. After gaining some experience, a construction worker may choose a specialty to focus on and obtain an apprenticeship so they can move forward in the process of becoming trained and certified.

Some construction workers may work into a management position or go back to school to secure a spot as a manager for a company.


Many people don't think of architects when it comes to the construction industry, but architects are the ones who design the buildings that are implemented by construction companies.

For those interested in construction but have an eye for design, becoming an architect may be a great career to pursue. The rendering software that architects utilize allows for the creation of 2D and 3D images of an architectural design. Among others, the software utilized by architects allows for interesting designs to be built and carried out within the industry.


Another career individuals choose to pursue in the construction industry is that of a plumber. They help set up the plumbing during the construction process as well as help to maintain it once the building process is over. Plumbers can work in buildings of any kind, making it a great job that'll always be needed.

Metal Fabricator

Unless you work in manufacturing or construction already, you may not know what a metal fabricator's job entails. Essentially, metal fabricators create and weld metal assemblies and parts. This job can be dangerous, which means safety is a top priority. A reputable metal fabricator will include safety training as part of their documented quality control program. Properly using PPE, such as 3M masks with welder hoods, is part of this safety training program.

Metal fabricators must be able to read, analyze, and implement the blueprints laid out for their work. Communication skills are also crucial to this position. Working in the construction industry is one option for metal fabricators.

Equipment Operator

Another position to consider in the construction industry is an equipment operator. Equipment operators are vital on construction sites, as their knowledge is crucial to the safety of other workers as well as the efficient construction of buildings and residential homes.

Equipment operators drive dump trucks, run excavators, and operate a variety of other equipment and trucks. With more machinery being designed for higher efficiency in the construction industry, those in the position are continually trained on safety procedures as well as how to operate newer styles of equipment.


Many people don't think of painters as a part of the construction industry, but they're actually a vital position once the construction of a building or residential home is completed. It was even named as the seventh-best job in construction by USNews.com. Painters can paint the inside and outside of brand-new buildings and homes, touch up old ones, and help transform others.

Whether you or a loved one is interested in entering the construction industry as an entry-level construction worker, an architect, a plumber, a metal fabricator, an equipment operator, a painter, or want to become a construction manager, there are several options to choose from. Since 60% of jobs are found through networking, start engaging with people in your community who work within the construction industry. You never know where you may end up, and perhaps one of these hands-on jobs is meant for you to pursue.

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