Could Harrison Ford's Incident With Passenger Plane Cost Him His License?

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Could Harrison Ford's Incident With Passenger Plane Cost Him His License?

Harrison Ford is a well known actor who also happens to be a fairly accomplished pilot. He is well revered as an excellent pilot and has been inducted as a Living Legend of Aviation by the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy. However, he has had another incident while flying that has sparked an investigation.

The incident in question occurred Monday February 13th when he was piloting his single-engine Husky plane. He was going to land the plane at the John Wayne Airport in California but he hit the wrong runway and almost hit another plane.

As he was landing, he mistakenly hit the taxiway instead of the runway where an American Airlines 737 was carrying 110 passengers. After he avoided the plane he was heard on the air traffic control recordings asking "Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?"

They informed him of his mistake which is actually a violation of Federal Aviation Administration safety rules. The FAA will be investigating the incident because he was given the proper instructions and repeated them back properly. The investigation could result in a warning letter that could lead to the suspension of his pilot's license.

Thi isn't his first incident, most recently he crash-landed in Santa Monica when the engine of his World War II-era plane failed back in 2015.

Luckily in this instance no one was hurt, but it really could have gone very poorly if the timing had not worked out as it did.