How Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Will Make Money After They're Married

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5. Diana's Will

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Diana, Princess of Wales, made sure her sons were well taken care of after her death. She left a sizable trust for both William and Harry, as her estate included stocks, shares, jewelry, personal belongings, and cash from her $22.5 million divorce settlement with Prince Charles, which she split evenly between the boys. Prince Harry received his $13.4 million inheritance when he turned 30.

6. The Duchy of Cornwall

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In 1337, Edward III established the Duchy of Cornwall, a well-managed private estate, which is intended to support the heir apparent. This means that technically, Prince Charles controls the estate, using it to fund public, charitable and private events for him and his family. The Duchy of Cornwall has an estimated value of over $1 billion, paying out approximately $13.3 million to Prince Harry, as well as Prince William and Kate, last year alone. It's expected that Prince William would do the same with the investments when he becomes King, so it looks like Harry and Meghan can expect some consistent cash for the foreseeable future.

According to The Richest, Prince Harry has a net worth of approximately $40 million, while Meghan Markle has one of approximately $5 million. It's safe to say you won't see either of them shopping at the thrift store any time soon!

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