He Saw A Cop On The Side Of The Road and Asked His Mother To Stop - She's Glad She Did

Prayer has the power to heal a soul, and after 5 Dallas police officers were gunned down, Jaxon Siderius knew the nation's soul was in need of healing.

While driving on a Montana highway his mom, Anna Siderius, passed a Montana Highway Patrol officer. Jaxon Siderius, so touched by recent events, asked his mother to turn around.

At first she didn't know what he wanted, or why he wanted to turn around. Perhaps seeing how much it meant to her son she pulled a U-turn and approached the officer.

Boy and Cop
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Jaxon got out of the car and asked the officer, who they later found out was named Jerry, if he could pray for him.

"My mom said I should be praying for police officers who might die to protect us," Jaxon told Inside Edition.

Grabbing Jerry's hand, Jaxon led a prayer to keep Jerry safe.

HIs mom said she wanted to instill in him an appreciation for the men and women who risk it all to keep us safe. It seems that Jaxon has certainly learned that lesson.

"Thank you to the police officers who protect us," he said.

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