He Bought An Old War Tank, But What's Inside Should Never Have Been Sold

Nick Mead has a very large hobby. He collects and restores military vehicles, and has over 150 to his name.

Recently, Mead purchased a T54 tank from the Gulf War on eBay for $40,000. The tank connoisseur has his own business called Tanks-A-Lot in Northamptonshire. It's described as a collection of "corporate action activity specialists" who let customers fulfill their dreams relating to military tanks. Crushing cars, going underwater, it's all on the table.  

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Needless to say, Mead and his colleagues are always looking for more tanks. Mead was cleaning the engine of his T54 tank when he opened the diesel tank to follow procedure regarding ammunition disposal. What he found inside definitely wasn't ammo.

It was $2.5 million worth of gold bars.

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“We didn’t know what to do,” Mead said. “You can’t exactly take five gold bullion bars down to Cash Converters without questions being asked, so we called the police.”

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The police came and transferred the gold to a safety deposit box. Nick Mead has the receipt.

Mead believes the gold came from Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait, who looted the gold and stashed it in the tank's fuel compartment.

“They must have cut a hole in the fuel tank and rammed it full of gold bars,” he said.

It's still unclear whether Mead will get to keep the gold, but he's not concerned.

“Even if I don’t get any of the gold back I will still have my beautiful tank.”

I guess if you can spend $40,000 on a tank, you're already pretty well off!