He Did A Dance For His Girlfriend Then Got Swarmed By Cops

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He Did A Dance For His Girlfriend Then Got Swarmed By Cops

Andrew Denis-Lynch was trying to cheer up his girlfriend, so he did a little dance when he got out of his girlfriend's car - they had just gone for ice cream. What happened next has people outraged and calling for an investigation.

The little dance move was spotted by a Montreal Police Office who pulled up along side the couple.

"Why are you so happy?" The officer reportedly asked Lynch.

"I'm in a good mood and I have ice cream," he replied.

That was apparently the wrong response.

Lynch and Girlfriend
Montreal Gazette

An avalanche of questions followed: "Are you drunk? Are you on anything? Is this your car?"

Lynch said he insisted he doesn't drink, and answered the rest of the questions. The officer must not have liked his tone because she radioed for backup.

In the end 6 cruisers had the vehicle surrounded, and all they did was give Lynch a $48 ticket for standing in the road.

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Lynch believes he was the victim of racial profiling:

"Thankfully my girlfriend was white, because this could have gone down very differently."

He went public about the exchange and the Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations plans to file complaints with the Montreal Police Department and the Quebec Human Rights Commision.

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