He Gave Up Alcohol, Now You Have To See His Transformation

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He Gave Up Alcohol, Now You Have To See His Transformation

There's no denying that alcohol has many negative effects on our bodies. It can cause bloating, liver problems, and stomach ulcers. But we still consume it regularly and don't think about how it's affecting our future.

But what happens if you give it up? Can it really change your body that much?

Reddit user Klamsykrawl wanted to find out. He posted about his journey online.

"I am an alcoholic" he wrote, "It's still hard sometimes, but there's so many more positives now that the choice gets easier and easier. Just know that you can change when ever you want to. Just take the first step. It doesn't need to be a big step, just a step. As of now, I don't think I will ever have the discipline [to have another drink.]"

Klamyskrawl says it's not just his physicality that's changed, but also his attitude towards life.

This is his before and after:


His progress is an inspiration to people everywhere that you can change your life, even if you think you're too far gone. One small change can make a big difference.

Have you given up alcohol? What was your experience like?

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