He Had To Amputate His Hands And Feet After This Common Illness

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He Had To Amputate His Hands And Feet After This Common Illness

At just 44 years old, Kevin Breen was about to lose both his hands and both his feet.

No, it wasn't a car accident. No, he's not a war veteran. No, it wasn't a workplace injury.

It was strep throat.

Breen was suffering from flu-like symptoms and severe stomach pains. Two days after Christmas he was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered he actually had a severe infection.

A CT scan showed that Breen had a stomach full of pus (1.5 liters to be exact.) Doctors thought he might have a ruptured ulcer or organ puncture.

As doctors tried to diagnose Breen's problem, his organs started to fail. Blood supply to his limbs was cut off in order to keep his vital organs going, causing the flesh on his hands and feet to die.



It wasn't until Kevin Breen revealed that his son had strep throat a little earlier that doctors tested him for the streptococcal bacteria. When they found the bacteria, it was time to get Breen to the ICU.

The strep infection traveled from his throat to his stomach and sent him into severe septic shock. He needed to be placed on dialysis.


Dreen, who has two young children, is only the second documented male in the world for this to happen to. He will require 4 surgeries: complete amputation of his left hand,  amputation of multiple fingers on the right, and partial amputation of both his feet.

According to his wife, Kevin has remained in high spirits and is expecting a full recovery through rehabilitation and his faith in God. She started a GoFundMe page to help pay for Kevin's medical expenses, and in just 17 days over $48,000 has been raised.


We are sending all our well wishes and prayers to Kevin Breen and his family. We wish you a speedy recovery and a happy life!

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