Heading to Los Cabos Soon? Here are Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Airport VIP Service

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Heading to Los Cabos Soon? Here are Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Airport VIP Service

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Great news, beach lovers!

You can now savor the tropical paradise that is Cabo San Lucas for that much-needed summer break.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has certified Cabo San Lucas as a safe destination. However, safety protocols still need to be observed, such as temperature checks and strict implementation of social distancing standards.

It may be overwhelming to take note of all the health and safety measures. Worrying about getting sick may dampen one’s holiday mood. So, it is highly recommended that you enlist experts so you can breeze safely and conveniently through the airport.

An airport concierge service Los Cabos experience will be an excellent way to kick off your vacation. While it may cost a bit more, a red-carpet arrival service will allow you to reap the following benefits:

1. Skip the Long Lines

Nothing is more frustrating than finally arriving at the Cabo airport, all excited, only to be faced with a crowd of people waiting in line. Now that there are health checks aside from the usual immigration procedures, waiting time will be significantly longer.

A red-carpet arrival service will enable you to go through airport security and custom checks swiftly. The faster the procedures are, the less exposure to crowds.  

An airport VIP service will also provide dedicated staff members to assist you in filling up all the forms concerning customs and immigration. Going through all the arrival requirements may be burdensome, so it surely pays to have an expert guide you throughout the process.  

2. Your Very Own Personal Airport Assistant

Once you deplane, there will be a waiting party ready to assist you. Making sure you have correct FMH Tourist Visa filled out, Immigrations forms and any COVID health questionnaire completed. You’ll skip the historic long customs line and go right to the front. Having a concierge with you will spare you from confusion, especially if this is your first time in Cabo.

Your assistant will handle all your luggage from the carousel up to your chosen airport transfer service. They can help you change your dollars to pesos without worrying about not getting the best currency exchange rates.

From here you’ll also skip to the front of the line at immigration and potential baggage check.

3. Transportation Accommodation

If you have not arranged Cabo airport transportation accommodation, your VIP service can arrange for a vehicle that will comfortably bring you to your resort, hotel or private home or villa. These vehicles are guaranteed to be at par with health and safety protocols.

4. Departing Los Cabos

When you’re ready to return home, we’ll provide you with assistance for departure – and access for each paying member to the VIP departure lounge. This includes free drinks and snacks.

Please note that rates are per person, so only registered and paid travelers can enjoy the VIP Treatment. Remember to book your VIP Fast Track service 72 hours before your arrival date. It will give your airport concierge service ample time to make all the arrangements for a personalized airport experience.

After booking, you can sit back, relax, and have a luxurious airport experience fit for royalty.

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