6 Ways Technology Is Hurting Your Body

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Technology seems to be the best and worst part of our lives, with every great thing about it, there is a bad thing to match it. Here's six ways technology can be bad for your health.

1. Low sperm count.

A study showed that Wi-Fi can damage sperm and immobilize them. This for, obvious reasons, creates fertility problems in men. This isn't quite proven yet, but many studies show it to be true. Scientists encourage men to remove their devices from their laps until further research is done.

2. Carpal Tunnel.

People that spend many hours on their phones or other devices, can develop carpal tunnel syndrome in the future. A study was done that showed people that used their devices for more than 5 hours a day had increased wrist and hand pain.

3. Computer Vision Syndrome.

This syndrome stems from looking at a computer screen for many hours of the day. This syndrome can have symptoms including eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. Staring at a screen is almost unavoidable, since most jobs require computer use throughout the day. To avoid this syndrome, take a lot of breaks and blink frequently.

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