People Are Falling In Love With These Heated Coats


People Are Falling In Love With These Heated Coats

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Of course it's always cold this time of year, but in case you haven't noticed, this week is seriously cold.

And to fight the winter chill people are taking desperate measures. We already introduced you to the heated car blanket that people can't stop using, and the cozy gadgets you need to survive in an ice cold office.

But the Ororo jacket, which features a built in heater, has customers falling in love, and it might be the best way to stay warm this winter.

Ororo's line of vests, coats, and sweaters all feature heating devices with rechargeable batteries. And this is serious gear we're talking about.

Ororo jacket
Ororo promises their batteries will last for up to eight hours.Ororo

The company brags that their clothes can keep you cozy even in sub-arctic weather. But with the heating device turned off, their outerwear is still warm enough for fall.

Many of the items feature four different heat levels, and heating in multiple parts of the coat, with a battery that promises to last up to 8 hours.

Shop for the women's heated jacket here.

Ororo women's jacket
The heated jacket is warm enough for sub-arctic temperatures with the heater at full blast.Ororo

And yes, the coat is still washable, because the battery and heater detach easily.

It all sounds too good to be true, but here's what real customers said about their Ororo clothes in Amazon reviews:

"[The battery lasts] up to 10 hours. This is a great buy," said Kevin Stanley.

"I purchased this for my wife about a month ago, and she loves it," said Tony Ponton.

Shop for the Ororo heated hoodie here.

Heated hoodie
Even with the built-in heater, the hoodie is stylish and comfortable.Ororo

"You plug the battery in at night on the charger then the next day you can out it in the pocket and connect to coat," said another user. "It lasts up to 12 hrs."

I'm actually thinking of getting an Ororo coat myself at this point. But if you don't need a new winter jacket, don't forget that Ororo also offers heated hoodies and sweatshirts, which are perfect for beating the chill at the office.

What do you think of these heated jackets and sweaters?

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