This Heated Dog Bed Will Keep Your Pet Toasty Warm All Winter

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This Heated Dog Bed Will Keep Your Pet Toasty Warm All Winter


Winter is officially here, and for me that means the next four months or so will be spent under layers of big sweaters, blankets, and more blankets.

We all have our handy tricks for coping in these cold months, from extra thick socks to a heated car blanket.

But most of us don't spare a thought for our poor dogs and cats, who feel the cold just like we do despite their layer of fur.    

This year, I was surprised to stumble onto a winter weather must-have for pets that I never even knew about before: heated pet beds.

Heated dog bed
This large dog bed features memory foam padding and an easy-to-clean removable cover.PetFusion

The useful gadget is just like a regular pet bed, except that it uses electricity to keep the bed at a cozy temperature, no matter how cold the temperature outside gets.

It's a great solution for homes where the thermostat is programmed to drop during the day, since your pet will always have a cozy place to rest.

Heated dog pad
This heat pad comes with a free fleece cover, and is useful for indoor and outdoor spaces.K&H Pet Products

And many heated beds also promise to soothe your pet's arthritis or joint pain.

Of course, dogs and cats will both appreciate these comfy beds, and there are special varieties meant for each animal.

Cat frame
This cat frame is great for indoor or outdoor pets, since it's weather resistant.K&H Pet Products

If you want the best for your pet, this winter could be the time to finally buy them a heated bed.

Just be prepared for your pet to prefer snoozing on their heat pad to playing fetch with you!

Will you get a heated bed for your pet this winter?

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