Heather Locklear Opens Up About Her Battle With Addiction For The First Time

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Heather Locklear Opens Up About Her Battle With Addiction For The First Time

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After suffering multiple meltdowns fueled by drugs and alcohol, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining bright for Heather Locklear.

February 2018 - The first incident

Earlier this year, cops were called to the actress's home after she and her boyfriend Chris Heisser got into a physical altercation.

Locklear was arrested, but before they could get her in handcuffs, she became aggressive and assaulted three deputies. She was later taken to a hospital for evaluation.

According to Locklear's sister, she got physical with her boyfriend because he tried to "choke and kill her." The police report corroborated this, saying Heisser "was standing on the side of the bed leaning over Heather and holding her wrists while she was on the bed."

In the days that followed, police were able to obtain a search warrant, enabling them to look through Locklear's home for a gun, as well as "ammunition, holsters, paraphernalia related to firearms, prescription bottles, diaries, clothing, mail and various other items." They also searched for drugs, as Locklear had previously been reported as suicidal in 2012 with a history of drugs.

After the incident, the Melrose Place star's daughter, Ava, reportedly "begged" her into going to rehab.

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June 2018 - Overdose in jail

Locklear's stay at the treatment facility didn't last long as she was back home by June and suffered another meltdown.

On June 17, cops were once again called to Locklear's home after she allegedly threatened to kill herself.

It was her mother who called law enforcement after the 56-year-old got agitated and choked her before hitting her father. In the 911 call, Locklear's mother claims she was searching the house to find a gun to kill herself with. When authorities arrived, Locklear was transported to the hospital where she was placed on a psychiatric hold.

Nearly one week later, Locklear found herself in jail after assaulting another police officer responding to a call about a disturbance at her home.

The actress was extremely intoxicated and agitated, which is what led a family member to call for help for the second time that day. When they arrived, police tried to separate Locklear from her family, and Locklear battered a responding deputy.

She also kicked an EMT, who was helping to load her on a gurney so she could be transported to a hospital for evaluation. She promised to check into rehab, but she didn't stay true to her word.

While being held on a $20,000 bail, Locklear suffered a possible overdose and was rushed to a hospital.

September 2018 - Rehab

It was finally confirmed in July that Locklear was seeking long-term treatment for substance abuse as well as her mental health.

In August, the actress shared a social media post since April. It was a photo of her dog wearing sunglasses along with the caption, "Sun shining day."

Now, she has once again taken to Instagram to write a note about addiction and remember a man named Josh, who died after struggling with addiction.

"Addiction is ferocious and will try to take you down," she wrote. "Recovery is the best revenge. Be kind to everyone you meet, your light just might change their path. Rest in peace beautiful Josh. You touched my [heart]."

Locklear's post garnered her support from fans all over, but she also has the shoulders of her ex-husband (and Ava's father) Richie Sambora, to lean on.

The Bon Jovi guitarist told Daily Mail that he will always be there for Locklear and Ava during the difficult times.

"I will of course always be there for Heather and especially Ava," he told the outlet. "I am very proud of my daughter for her composure and strength during this difficult time."

As for her legal fiasco, she has a hearing on September 27. She has been charged with one count of battery on a police officer, one count of battery on an EMT, and one count of resisting and obstructing a police officer.

We hope Locklear's latest message is a sign that she is on the right track to recovery.

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