17 Times Heidi Klum Won Halloween


17 Times Heidi Klum Won Halloween

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Heidi Klum may as well be called the Halloween Queen. For over a decade, the international supermodel and America's Got Talent judge has been hosting over-the-top Halloween parties that always showcase her in an unbelievable costume.

Though her costume for this year hasn't been revealed yet, Klum is dropping hints on Instagram as to what it could possibly be. The clues are limited, though. They mainly feature a clay formation of what appears to be Klum's face.

While we don't know what Klum is going to be, we do know that it's going to be amazing. So let's take a look at her previous costumes to get an idea of just how awesome it's going to be.

1. Golden Alien

We think of aliens as green, gross, and a little freaky, but Klum redefined the entire species when she dressed as this golden alien in 2003.

2. Betty Boop

The iconic cartoon character came to life in 2002 when Klum was unrecognizable with dark hair and some enhanced curves.

3. A Blonde...Something

Okay, so I don't really know what Klum was dressed as this year, but she arrived at the party on a live horse, so it was pretty spectacular. It was 2001, okay? Not everything needs an explanation.

4. Traditional German Dirndl Costume

This was the costume Klum wore to her very first Halloween party in the year 2000.

"Since I'm German, I thought a traditional dirndl in patent leather with pigtails would be fun!" the model wrote on Instagram.

5. Witch

No, she's not the typical witch you think of. No warts on her nose, no green skin, and no black robes. But Klum did have skeleton bones hanging off of her, so that counts for something, right?

6. Vampire

2005 was a little before the Twilight craze, but Klum decided to go as a vampire all the same. I bet those teeth could do some serious damage.

7. Tempting Apple

When you're eight months pregnant, you have to get a little creative. That's why Klum decided to go as snake wrapped around an apple.

"Even though I was 8 months pregnant, that wasn't stopping me from throwing the party! I dressed as an apple since it was the costume with the most padding around the stomach," she confessed on Instagram.

8. Cat

Not really one of Klum's more creative costumes, but she still pulled it off well!

9. Kali Goddess

After a trip to India, Klum chose a cultural costume for her 2008 costume.

"After an inspiring trip to India (one of my favorite places I've ever traveled to), with the intention of the utmost of respect, I wanted to pay homage to a part of their vibrant culture by dressing as the goddess Kali," Klum wrote on Instagram.

10. Crow

We all know that crows like shiny things, so it's probably best if 2009 Heidi Klum stays away from 2003 golden alien Heidi Klum.

11. Glitter Robot

2010 is the year Klum says her dedication hit the next level.

"I learned how to walk on stilts specifically for this giant glitter robot costume. It wouldn't have been the same if I didn't tower over all of the guests!" she admitted on Instagram.

12. Skinless Body

This is what it looks like when you peel a hang nail too far. Klum went as a skinless body in 2011, complete with doctor and gurney.

13. Planet of the Apes

This is the costume of Klum's that freaked me out the most. It's way too realistic. It also marked a special occasion for Klum.

"This was my first year with intense prosthetics and I've been keeping it up every since!"

14. Cleopatra

This costume was from 2012, and the party was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy. Klum took the opportunity to "play Santa" and helped deliver gifts to families in need through the red cross.

15. Old Woman

Perhaps Klum was having a midlife crisis and wanted to see what she'd look like in the future? Just kidding, there's no way she'll ever look this old. Even at 45 years old she looks like a freshman in university.

16. Thriller

For all we know, Klum stayed home in 2017 and hired someone to go to her party for her. But whoever was under this "Thriller" costume really hit it out of the park.

Which Klum costume is your favorite?

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