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A Parrot's Cry For Help Led Police To Its Owner's Door

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UPS driver Lee Purdy arrived at a home in Oregon for a regular delivery, but when he heard a voice calling out to him from inside he didn't know what to do. Someone was shouting "help me" from inside and he was the only one around.

"I wasn't sure what to think at first," Purdy said. He was suspicious of the calls because he could also hear a parrot cawing, but he couldn't be sure. He called the police to get them to do a courtesy check and when they arrived they found a happy little parrot who was quite proud of himself.

Susan Baird

Sergeant Brian Jensen said, "sure enough it was Diego the parrot yelling for help. Nobody was in distress. Diego was fine."

Purdy was still wondering why this bird knew the phrase, he said "there's got to be a reason." Diego's owner, Susan Baird, was able to clear up all of his doubts when she heard about the whole mishap with a really sweet story...

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