Doctors Said Her Strokes Were Just "Stress," Until She Caught Them On Tape

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Doctors Said Her Strokes Were Just "Stress," Until She Caught Them On Tape

When Stacey Yepes from Thornhill, Canada started experiencing odd symptoms, she knew right away what was wrong with her. It just took a little longer to convince her doctors.

Yepes would experience 10-minute periods when her face would freeze and her arms would feel weak. She recognized from a commercial she'd seen that these were the signs of a stroke. She visited the hospital but doctors there said she was just stressed, and gave her some breathing exercise to use.

But just days later her symptoms were back, so Yepes pulled out her phone and proved she wasn't imagining things.

You can see in the video that Yepes' face is paralyzed on one side, and her arms become extremely  weak. When doctors saw this they knew that she had been right all along, and sent her to another hospital for more tests.

They discovered she was suffering from a condition called Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA), also called "mini-strokes," caused by a clogged artery.

Today Yepes is healthy, and she helps others learn the signs and symptoms of a stroke, which helped to save her life. You can easily remember them by thinking FAST - Facial drooping, Arms weak, Speech (slurred) and Time, because you'll have to act fast!

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