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Her friend noticed something in her home, what they found made her move out immediately

Most of us relish the chance to go home. It's the place where we can let go, relax and just be ourselves in private. One woman in Missouri was startled to find that those private moments were being shared with her landlord.

A woman found 11 hidden cameras in her apartment, including 4 in her bathroom and another 3 in her bedroom.

Daily Mail

She believes they were put there by her landlord who asked permission to "remodel" her bathroom while she was away on a trip. She might still be being spied on if it wasn't for her eagle-eyed friend.

While visiting the woman a friend noticed that her new smoke detector looked a lot like a spy camera she had seen in a store earlier. They investigated and made the shocking discover. The tenant immediately called police who in went through the apartment, finding the rest of the cameras.

They traced the wires to a location in the basement of the building. There they found a monitor, when they turned it on they saw the woman's apartment.

Daily Mail

So far the landlord hasn't been named or charged and the woman is requesting her name be withheld for privacy reasons.

She moved out immediately and has been living with friends while she hunts for a new apartment.

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