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Her son was attacked by 2 vicious dogs for over 5 minutes. What his mom did has people calling her a hero

Samantha Bishop is a real-life superhero, and she always will be to her son Grayson. The California mom fought off 2 dogs and even protected her son with her own body. The five minute long attack was caught on tape from her security camera.

Grayson was playing in the yard when 2 neighbors dogs went from playful to predatory.

Grayson was in the front yard of the Bishop's Anaheim home when a familiar dog he was petting suddenly jumped up and bit his face. Grayson was thrown to the ground and another dog rushed in to try to get at the 2-year-old.

Samantha and Grayson

Samantha wasted no time, rushing over to her fallen son and whirling him away from the attacking dogs. She carried him to the door, but, with her son in one arm and her other arm desperately trying to fend off powerful jaws, couldn't get the door unlocked.

For 5 minutes she punched, clawed and kicked the relentless animals away from her screaming son. Shielding him with her body at one point she even hoisted him above her head to get him as far away from danger as possible.

After a few minutes a neighbor came to her aid, trying to swat at the dogs with a stick, but they kept on coming. Finally, Samantha was able to get her door unlocked and carried her son to safety.


"She is the miracle mom," said Rick Patterson, Samantha's attorney. "She brought all of her strenth and energy to bear."

Grayson's cheek was ripped open after the first bite, from the corner of his mouth to the tip of his ear. He'll have a scar for the rest of his life, a reminder of the attack - and of his mother's love.

His calf also suffered deep lacerations.

The dogs were taken by Orange County Animal Care officers, one was euthanized immediately.

The family is considering litigation against the owner of the dogs, but for now they are just happy their son is safe.

Watch the chilling video below: