The Royals Always Travel With A Spare Black Outfit, Here's Why

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The Royals Always Travel With A Spare Black Outfit, Here's Why

We always look forward to the Royal Family's trips because Kate Middleton has perfected the "travel chic" look and we can only imagine all the decision making that goes into putting together the outfits. Even the stylish Princess has to adhere to strict wardrobe rules while away from home.  

Each travelling member has to have a certain number of clothing items in their luggage. Prince George must have at least five shorts in a variety of colors, Princess Charlotte must have at least 10 barrettes and their mom, the Duchess of Cambridge, must pack 2 pairs of beige pumps at the very minimum, according to HuffPost,

One of the stranger requirements that the royals have to stick to is packing an extra outfit in a specific color - black.

Why? Well, it's for a grim reason that many don't think about before boarding a plane.

According to The Independent, members of the royal family have to pack a spare black outfit when travelling to another country in case a relative dies while they are away. In the event that someone does die, this would ensure that a royal would be appropriately dressed upon returning home.


The mandatory policy came into effect following the death of George VI, Queen Elizabeth's father in 1952. At the time of his passing, the a then-princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were in Kenya enjoying a short break before continuing their diplomatic tour.

The Queen failed to pack a black ensemble suitable for the sombre occasion, so she was forced to wait in the plane until one was brought to her.

Surprisingly, the rule isn't just limited to the royal family but it also extends to news reporters too. They need to have a black suit or dress on hand in case they're tasked with announcing the death of a member of the royal family.

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