Here's What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

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Here's What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

Humans are arguably the most fascinating species on the planet. Sure, BBC's Planet Earth might seem to suggest otherwise, but our extraordinary abilities to think outside the box, talk and write are proof enough.

Written language is one of the most unique facets of human nature. We've been using written language since 3200 BC and we're the only known beings on Earth that communicate through this method.  

Over time, handwriting analysis (graphology) began to emerge as its own field and graphologists discovered that handwriting can be linked to people's personality traits. It is also helpful in detecting lies and identifying certain ailments.

The way you dot your "i"or cross your "t", the spacing between words, the shape and style of your letters can speak volumes about who you are. In fact, research has shown handwritten text can reveal over 5,000 personality traits.

Keep on reading to find out what yours says about your true character then put it to the test with your family and  friends. The results could tell you something new and unexpected about yourself and your loved ones.

Step 1: Write

Grab a sheet of paper and write the following sentences down, preferably in cursive:

A) She sells sea shells on the seashore.

B) The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Cursive is recommended because it is provides a more accurate reading of a person's traits according to graphologist Kathi McKnight, but if you're more comfortable with print then so be it.

Step 2: Analyze

1. Size

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If your letters and words are larger than average it signifies a big personality. You're an extrovert, very confident and rarely turn down an offer to go out.

Medium implies you're balanced in nature. It may take you some time to adjust to a new environment but you adapt well.

If your letters appear small then you're likely an introvert. You tend to be shy and withdrawn but when it comes to taking on tasks, you're extremely focused and pay close attention to detail.

2. Spacing

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The spacing between your words can convey a lot about your emotional state. If you leave wide spaces between your words then you value your independence and enjoy being in your own company. You don't need other people in your life to feel validated and you take your time to fully trust people.

In contrast, narrow spacing indicates emotional instability and low-self esteem. You hate being alone and often seek the approval of those around you.

If your spaces are neither too wide nor too narrow then you're in the best position. You are comfortable being around others  just as you are by your lonesome. You know when to be intrusive and when to maintain a healthy distance.

3. Slants

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The direction in which your letters slant can also indicate interesting aspects of your character. If your words slant to the right, it means you're a social butterfly. You love meeting new people and appreciate new experiences.

If there is no slant, then you're likely a logical personal. You're also practical and don't let emotions direct your actions.

Left slant generally means you're reserved. If you're right handed with a left slant, it may indicate rebellion.

4. Dotted i's

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Something as small as a dot can be very important in figuring out one's personality. Is the dot on your "i" solid? If yes, then it means you are detail-oriented, organized and a perfectionist. A hollow circle implies you're playful, artistic and carefree, with a childlike approach to life.

If your dot is placed too high, this means you have a very active imagination. If your dot looks more like a slash than a circle, then you're a critical thinker, stubborn and hard to please.

5. Crossed t's

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There are a few ways of determining your personality based on the style of their t's. A long cross signifies enthusiasm and determination, while a shorter cross implies laziness and introvertedness.

If you tend to cross your t's in the middle then you're a confident person, while a cross at the top, means you're goal-oriented and optimistic with a high self-esteem.

6. Pressure

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The pressure of your handwriting gives a glimpse into your sense of security. Heavy pressure generally means you take things seriously and commit to the fullest. You aren't easily swayed and don't always take criticism well.

Light pressure writers are sensitive and very empathetic. You doubt yourself a lot so you almost always proceed with caution and often turn to others for their opinion.

7. Shape

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The shape of your letters as well as the loops in yours 'l's, 'e's and 'o's can let on more about your personality than you can imagine. For instance, a looped 'l' means you're a dreamer and have high hopes for the future, while a retraced 'l' implies pessimism.

Adding a loop to your 't' suggests sensitivity to criticism and some paranoia. A retraced 't' means you're disciplined and a hard worker.

As for 'e's, if it's a narrow loop then you're probably a reserved person and you don't let others' emotions influence your actions. On the other hand, a wider loop suggests you're open-minded and easily adaptable.

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When it comes to lower zone letters, a slender 'y' means you're very selective when choosing friends and you don't trust easily. Whereas, a broader 'y' indicates the opposite; You're outgoing and have a large group of friends. If your your 'y' is short then it means you're a homebody and in stark contrast, a longer 'y' means you love to travel.

8. BONUS: Speed

It's normal to speed up your writing when feeling rushed like during an exam, otherwise the speed in which you write can give others a peek into your personality. If you write fast, you're impatient and a quick-thinker. Your brain is working in overdrive and you want to jot it all down before another thought takes it place.

Slower writing means you're organized, meticulous and self-dependent. You don't let others dictate your choices and you enjoy the finer things in life.

Did your handwriting analysis match your personality? Sound off in the comments!

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