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Here's What's Really In Your Mac And Cheese Dinner

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Mac and cheese is a staple on most people's tables. Many of us recall eating it from a box when we were short on cash or pressed for time. And chances are, our kids and younger siblings have probably become very familiar with the instant meal at their young age too. When a box costs only a dollar, who can blame stressed-out parents for turning to the orange carb-filled goo once in a while.

Instant mac and cheese may taste good but the truth is that many of us have no idea what's actually in it. Sure, the macaroni might resemble pasta, but did you ever notice it stays chewy and plastic-like no matter how long it's cooked for?

Hawk-eyed consumers have also pointed out that the powdery cheese mixes never seem to go bad, no matter how long they're stored after their best-before date.

To shed some light on the chemicals in our food, an environmental advocacy group paid for a study to be conducted by an independent laboratory. The lab conducted tests on 30 cheese products which included a number of mac and cheese mixes.

The results have caused ripples in the instant food industry with angry parents and health conscious people demanding answers from the companies they thought they could trust.

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