Their Maternity Shoot Went Hilariously Wrong - You Have To See The Photos

Todd Cameron - Facebook

Sometimes in life, the only way to experience things properly is to dive right in.    

In that spirit, we present these hilariously glamorous maternity photos, which come courtesy of Todd Cameron from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

Cameron and his pregnant wife, Nicole, were posing for maternity photos in a scenic pumpkin patch when...

Well, you really have to experience the whole thing through their photos:

Warning: these pictures get pretty graphic towards the end.

What did you think? Spooky, or just silly?

Okay, here's the real story: Cameron told Bored Panda that he recently came across a model of the chestburster monster from the film Alien at a garage sale.

He and his wife are both big movie fans with an odd sense of humor, so they couldn't resist working the creature into their maternity photos.

A local photographer, Li Carter, helped them make sure the pictures looked like the real deal.

"We actually first met at Halloween, we always hand-make elaborate costumes and we go all out on Halloween decorations at our house," Cameron revealed.

"So this was really just a fun way to celebrate who we are while passing on a few smiles and laughs in the process!"

If you were surprised by these photos, why not share them without spoiling the twist!

What did you think of these unusual maternity photos?

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