What To Expect This Christmas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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What To Expect This Christmas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The holiday season is upon us, and we can all agree that the season often feels magical. As Christmas approaches, wouldn't it be great to know what's in store? Check out your Christmas horoscope and see what's coming up for you this season.



Get ready, Aries. It looks like a little romance is headed your way this Christmas. You're headed into the season feeling confident and excited, which is attracting people to you from every aspect of your life. Keep an eye out at this year's holiday party, because it looks like someone special is making their way into your life. It's not just romance coming your way either. The universe has some big opportunities lined up for you this holiday season. Be ready to say yes to anything that comes your way, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone.


Be alert this holiday season, Taurus, because you're going to find yourself in some uncomfortable situations emotionally speaking. Even though you'll be surrounded by family and friends, you're going to find yourself bored and in a foul mood. This could be because you're not paying attention what's happening around you. New chapters are presenting themselves to you, but you'll be too busy daydreaming about things that will almost never happen. You'd be wise to get your head out of the clouds and focus on reality.



Christmas can be a time for people to come together and sort out problems, which is what you'll need to prepare for, Gemini. You'll finally get closure on a lot of problems that you've been dwelling on, and you'll be able to move forward. Unfortunately to get this closure, you'll have to deal with some uncomfortable confrontations. The good news, though, is that your holiday party is going to be pretty eventful this year. Be ready to deal with all sorts of situations, and do your best to keep your emotions level-headed.  


Usually you'd be all about being the center of attention around the holidays, but this year you're going to want to be a little more low key. You'll want to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones, as you don't often have this much quality time together. You might be a bit of a workaholic every other time of the year, but at Christmas you should avoid anything and everything related to work. That being said, it looks like something big will be happening for you career-wise, so keep an eye out on opportunities that may arise at the office.



You love to nitpick, Leo, but make sure you're a little more wary about what you judge this year. The Christmas season is gearing up to be a memorable one for you this year, but your track record of ruining everything with cynicism is something to watch for. You'll be getting love from people all around you—something that normally turns you away and makes you uncomfortable. Accept this affection for what it is, and don't read too much into anything. Good news, though. A big pay raise is coming for you at work. Nothing to be cynical about on that front.



It's a good thing you love to party, Virgo, because that's what this holiday season is all about for you. Whether it's attending other people's parties, planning your own, or rocking out at the work holiday party, your social calendar is going to be jam packed. As long as you stay responsible and remember to take care of yourself, this holiday season is going to be one for the ages.



Sorry to break it to you Librans, but this holiday season you're going to be a bit of a punching bag. Not literally, of course, but when it comes to last-minute tasks or mundane activities...you're going to be the go to person for almost everyone. You'll need to be patient and tolerant this Christmas, even when people start getting testy with you or telling you what to do. It's a little unfair, but it'll be up to you to keep your cool this Christmas so that nothing gets too tense.


Listen, Scorpio. You're going to have a rough time this holiday. Nothing major will happen, don't worry, but you'll be focused on all the smallest and most trivial things. Whether it's people who don't show up, decorations that just don't look right, or gifts that don't go over as well as you wanted them to, you'll be stressed about the things that really don't matter. Try to relax a little bit and enjoy the holidays. Things aren't as bad as your brain is trying to make them out to be.


There's no such thing as a "perfect" Christmas, but you'll experience as close as it gets. You'll be happy the entire holiday season, because everything is going exactly as how you planned it. There are going to be parties every weekend, and each one will be wonderful and fun. To make things even better, you'll be spending the entire time with your special someone. Lucky bum!


You'll need to be a little flexible, Capricorn, if you want this holiday season to go over smoothly. You're going to plan as much as you can, but sadly those plans aren't going to pan out as much as you want them to. No need to panic, though, because things are still going to turn out just fine. Just make sure you prioritize the most important things you need to get done. Things are going to get extremely hectic, but as long as you keep things organized you'll be able to spend a ton of time with the ones that you love.


Aquarius...get ready. Of all the zodiac signs, you're going to have the best Christmas season. You'll get the gifts you want, your love life is going to shine, your financial situation is going to improve, and your career is going to seriously advance. Make sure you appreciate everything that comes your way this holiday season, and enjoy those around you.


You love the status quo, Pisces, which is great because this holiday season is going to business as usual for you. It'll feel like you're going through the motions for most of your engagements, but one thing is really going to flourish this holiday season: your romantic life. Be on the lookout for a new and whirlwind love interest this Christmas. It's probably someone you're already close with, and you'll be the one making the first move.

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