11 Hollywood Stars And Their Not-So-Secret Love Children


11 Hollywood Stars And Their Not-So-Secret Love Children

Roy George & Assoc. - Wikimedia / Arnold Schwarzenegger - Instagram

Celebrities are just like us.

Usually, that's a reminder that they shop, eat, and need their privacy just like the rest of us.

But it also means that Hollywood stars deal with their fair share of family drama.

The stakes of a publicized affair are so high that some stars even deny they fathered a child - until the resemblance or a DNA test proves otherwise.

Once secret, the love children of these 12 celebrities are now scandalous public knowledge.

1. Clint Eastwood

As early as the 1950s, Eastwood's first wife, Maggie Johnson, says the star insisted on having an "open marriage."

She claims that the Unforgiven star even had a child with another woman, who was given up for adoption.

Eastwood carried out a lengthy relationship with actress Roxanne Tunis while still married to Johnson, and had another baby girl with her in the early '60s.

But Eastwood didn't acknowledge the girl as his own child until 1996.

The star took the same approach with a pair of children born to flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves in the 1980s - refusing to admit they were his until the early 2000s.

All told, Eastwood's romantic life is so twisted that it's impossible to make a complete list of his children with any certainty.

2. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler and Liv Tyler
Steven Tyler and his daughter Liv.Gage Skidmore - Flickr / 16 Miles of String - Wikimedia

The Aerosmith front man and his girlfriend, Bebe Buell, welcomed a baby girl into the world in 1977.

But Buell kept the girl's paternity a secret from her and Tyler until she was a teenager.

At the time, Tyler was still struggling through addiction, and Buell knew he was not in the right head space to become a father.

But since learning the truth, Tyler has become very close with his daughter Liv, who starred in movies like Armageddon.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

For many years, the Terminator star and governor of California carried on an affair with his housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

Their relationship eventually resulted in a pregnancy, but Schwarzenegger claimed he didn't realize Baena's son was his - at first.

After just a few years, the boy's resemblance was undeniable. After leaving office in 2011, Schwarzenegger finally confessed his infidelity to his wife, Maria Shriver.

Today, Schwarzenegger and his illegitimate son, Joseph Baena, are actually very close.

And while Shriver seperated from Schwarzenegger in the wake of the scandal, their separation has never been finalized.

4. Hugh Grant

While this list is full of scandalous stories, none are as bizarre as Hugh Grant's flip-flopping relationship drama.

The Bridget Jones' Diary star welcomed his first child in 2011, with restaurant receptionist Tinglan Hong.

But Grant's girlfriend, journalist Anna Eberstein, was pregnant with their first child at the same time.

After the births, Grant reunited with Hong and fathered a third child, before switching back to welcome two more with Eberstein.

It makes us dizzy just thinking about it, but the actor is all smiles about his unusual family dynamic.

5. Chuck Norris

On a 2004 episode of Entertainment Tonight, the action hero confessed he had fathered a love child during an extramarital affair in 1963.

The Delta Force star reportedly had no idea about his daughter until she was 26, when she sent him a letter revealing their relationsip.

It's unclear how close Norris is with his estranged child, but his family is definitely big enough already.

Including his illegitimate daughter, Norris has five children and 13 grandchildren, as of 2017.

6. Jude Law

Let's be frank: the Sherlock Holmes star's love life is a bit of a disaster.

Law has a trio of children from his first marriage, to actress Sadie Frost.

But he also famously broke up with his fiance, Sienna Miller, after she discovered he was having an affair with his children's nanny.

In 2009, Law announced he was becoming a father for the fourth time, after a fling with model Samantha Burke.

Law managed to briefly reunite with Miller around this time, but they broke up again just two years later.

Finally, Law announced he was expecting a fifth child in 2014, with musician Catherine Harding. But, once again, Law and Harding had already split by the time their daughter was born.

7. Gavin Rossdale

Known for both his solo music career and his time in the band Bush, this singer fathered a baby girl in his 20s with singer Pearl Lowe.

The problem is their daughter, Daisy Lowe, didn't know Rossdale was her father until she turned 14.

And Rossdale apparently insisted on a paternity test to prove that was the case.

Despite their icy introduction, Rossdale says he has a strong relationship with his daughter today.

He also had three children with singer Gwen Stefani, before they divorced in 2016 - and she moved on to Blake Shelton.

8. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Lisa
Matthew Yohe - Wikimedia / Lisa Brennan-Jobs

The billionaire tycoon and co-founder of Apple famously refused to acknowledge his daughter, Lisa.

While her mother, Chris-Ann Brennan, was working as a waitress, Jobs paid just $500 a month in child support - despite the fact that his work with Apple had already made him a millionaire.

Jobs repeatedly and publicly denied Lisa was his daughter, all while he strangely named one of his company's computers in her honor.

By Lisa's teenage years, Jobs had grown to accept Lisa, and even paid for her to attend Harvard.

9. Eddie Murphy

The Dr. Dolittle star is currently expecting his 10th child, with model Paige Butcher.

While most of his children were born out of stable relationships, Murphy had an ugly paternity spat with former Spice Girl Mel B.

The pair dated in 2006, but when Mel welcomed a baby the next year, Murphy denied it was his.

A paternity test proved him wrong, and the baby was named Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

While they started off on the wrong foot, Murphy is reportedly bonding with his young daughter.

10. Tom Jones

Only Clint Eastwood's love child denial holds a candle to the "It's Not Unusual" singer's stubbornness.

Jones had a short-lived romance with model Katherine Berkery in 1987, which led to the birth of a son.

But Jones only admitted that the boy, named, Jonathan, was his flesh and blood in 2008.

The story broke after Jonathan blamed his life of crime on his estranged dad.

11. Clark Gable

Clark Gable and Loretta Young.
Clark Gable and Loretta Young.Wikimedia Commons

The oldest Hollywood scandal on this list is also the most outageous.

Gable was a real ladies man, and was married five times throughout his life.

During his second marriage, Gable had an on-set romance with his The Call of the Wild costar Loretta Young.

The tryst led to a pregnancy, which Young disguised by leaving America on an extended European vacation.

After returning to give birth in America, young claimed she had adopted her own daughter to disguise the truth.

Neither parent publicly acknowledged the truth about their daughter, later named Judy Lewis. But her resemblance to Gable was so strong the affair became an open secret.

Lewis claims that Gable visited her just once, when she was 15. The actor reportedly asked her about her life, then kissed her on the forehead as he left.

It wasn't until after Gable's death that Young revealed the truth to Lewis. The actress later confirmed the whole story in a biography published after her death.

Were you surprised to learn about any of these secret children?

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