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Depressed Homeless Man's Makeover Changed His Entire Life

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It's amazing to think how our lives can turn on very small details: a stroke of good luck or a small run of misfortunes can completely change our fate.

No one knows that better than Jose Antonio, 55, a homeless man living on the Spanish island of Majorca.

You may remember him from a makeover video that went viral last year.

But it turns out that was only the start of Antonio's dramatic transformation.

The Local "Vegetable"

Antonio spent more than two decades sleeping rough on the streets of Palma, Majorca.

During that time, he made ends meet by working as a parking attendant under the table, and was well-known to locals for sitting in the city square with a cigarette in hand.

While he claims he was never an addict, Antonio says he suffers from depression and ignored many chronic health conditions.

"I'd ended up like a vegetable," he told The Daily Mail, "not worrying about what I ate or how I looked."

After getting to know Antonio through his work, barber Salva Garcia invited the homeless man to his shop for a free makeover.

With just a wash, trim, and a little hair dye, Antonio was completely transformed.

"This is incredible," he said after seeing his new look, "is this me?"

"I'm so different, no one's going to recognize me unless I tell them who I am."

El espiritu de la plaza

Todos tenemos una historia.. y esta es una de esas que vale la pena contar. Hoy la salvajerí­a cumple 3 años, y queremos compartir con vosotros nuestro proyecto más personal. nuestro resumen de estos 3 años es; el rodearte de buenas personas te hace feliz!

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And he was right: as Antonio greets his friends at the end of the video, they're completely stunned by his change of appearance.

You can tell from the enormous smile on his face the makeover meant the world to Antonio. And in a heartwarming update, he revealed just how his life has transformed since then.

Meet "George Clooney"

It was just a fresh haircut and a change of clothes, but Antonio's makeover seemed to trigger a much deeper change inside him.

Years after the viral video was filmed, he was profiled by Spanish news network TeleCinco, who wondered what he was up to now.

To the surprise of many viewers, Antonio was clean-shaven and looking sharp. Best of all, he was no longer homeless!

Antonio put his hard-earned parking lot tips towards a room of his own, and was enjoying all the comforts of his new apartment.

"I was living in an abandoned house when that video was shot which was brought down by recent floods," he revealed.

"I had no access there to running water or cooking facilities. Now I can get a shower whenever I want and a good night's sleep."

And while he's still on the hunt for a better job, Antonio shared his plans to find steady work and even love in time.

Locals - who now call Antonio "George Clooney" - also helped him treat his chronic health problems.

Once "virtually blind" because of cataracts, Antonio had his vision restored. Doctors even treated his foot pain and hearing trouble.

"I doubt any of these changes would have happened if it wasn't for the help of people like the hair salon owner and other locals who have assisted me to get back on my feet," he said.

"I'll be eternally grateful to them. It's not just a change of looks. It's changed my life."

Antonio explained that he had "lost interest in life" because of his depression, but the viral makeover helped restore his self-confidence.

"The new look has helped me deal with the way I feel inside," he said. "It's had so many practical consequences."

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We hope things work out for Jose! What do you think of his new look?

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