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Homeless Man Stands In Front Of Walmart With A Heartbreaking Sign, Until One Woman Stops To Help

Wilma Price

If you live in or around a big city, chances are you walk by homeless people holding signs every day.

As generous as we can be, most of us just ignore the requests for help and charity that we see on the sidewalk. But when Wilma Price saw a homeless man holding a heartbreaking sign outside of her local Walmart, she took action.

Something made Wilma Price stop and help the man.CBS News

The woman from Huntsville, Texas noticed a scruffy-looking man with a cardboard sign outside the store. Written on it in big, black letters were the words "DOG IN POUND NEED HELP."

Price had just $8 in her pocket, so at first she just walked right by the man. But something made her stop and turn around. Price runs her own animal shelter, and she can never turn down an animal in need.  

Patrick had no money to get his dog out of the shelter.Wilma Price

After speaking to the homeless man, Price learned his sad story. His name was Patrick, and after being arrested for trespassing and sent to jail, his dog, Franklin, had been taken to a nearby animal shelter.

They would release the animal to Patrick, but only after he paid $120, which of course he didn't have.

Price agreed to help Patrick, but first she made him take a special test.

Price offered to cover the entire cost of retrieving Franklin, but only if Patrick proved he could care for the animal.

Right away, the homeless man opened up his backpack, showing her a water bowl, dog food, and toys. “My dog eats before I do,” he promised her. “That dog is my life.”

Franklin reunited with Patrick at the animal shelter.Wilma Price

Convinced he was a responsible owner, Price drove Patrick to the pound and paid to get Franklin back. Both the dog and his owner were obviously happy to see each other.

“You did more for me than most people have done in my life,” Patrick told Price. “You don’t know how much I thank you.”

Patrick struggled to find housing after recovering his dog.Houston Chronicle

As for why she stopped to speak with Patrick in the first place, Price has some good advice for all of us.

“You have no idea what somebody’s went through," she wrote on Facebook.

"You should always pay it forward if you’re able because like I said in the blink of an eye you could be in the same situation.”

Price has even kept in touch with Patrick over the years, helping him get back on his feet and letting him rescue animals with her.

We're glad these two were reunited!

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