Why Honey Should Be Your Secret Weapon Against Sinus Infections

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Why Honey Should Be Your Secret Weapon Against Sinus Infections

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As the weather is warming up, some people are happy to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

But others - like me - are dreading another year of headaches, irritation, and annoyance as we fend off sinus infections.

You know this condition by the pain, mucus, and congestion it causes, which can sometimes last for weeks.

While some sinus infections are caused by allergic reactions, others cases are chronic.

While you can treat a sinus infection with medication, many people search for a natural cure.

If that describes you, you're in luck. It turns out a common ingredient that's probably in your kitchen right now can do wonders for sinus pain.


The Sweet Cure

A warning: if you have diabetes or are taking beta blockers it may not be safe for you to treat a sinus infection with honey.

Consult a doctor if your symptoms are severe, long-lasting, or include a fever.

It turns out humans have a long history of using honey, both as food and as a medical cure.

Honey is lightly acidic, high in sugar, and contains a variety of enzymes that make it suited for a number of surprising uses.

Throughout history, people have treated everything from cuts and ulcers to UTIs using the sweet treat.

But one of the most common modern uses for honey is treating sinus infections.

The science behind the cure is still out, but some researchers believe honey is effective at wiping out the bacteria and biofilms that cause these infections.

If you're willing to try anything to relieve the symptoms of a sinus infection, applying honey is worth a shot.

We know just what you need to put this surprising cure to use.

Applying the Honey

The most common way to treat a sinus infection with honey is to apply a watery mixture directly to the source.

Once you've mixed equal parts water and honey, there are a few ways you can go about this:

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  • You can "flush" your nostrils with the honey using an empty syringe (without a needle) which you can buy at a pharmacy.
  • A nasal flushing device, like a Neti Pot, is also an easy way to treat yourself.
  • Finally, some people find an eye dropper is the best way to apply the honey. Lie back and drip the mixture into your nostrils.

Adding Other Ingredients

One alternative recipe for the mixture uses a cup of boiled water.

Mix 1 part honey, 1/4 part baking soda, and 1/4 non-iodized salt in the water.

Let the mixture cool in your fridge, and apply it using your preferred method from above.

Be aware that you'll want to try any of these cures in small doses at first. Honey contains pollen, which can actually aggravate your sinus infection in some cases.

Have you ever taken honey as medicine before?

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