Horse Trailer Campers Are A Thing And You Will Love Them

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Horse Trailer Campers Are A Thing And You Will Love Them

Fred Cote / Facebook

I came across this story on Facebook and I must admit - the idea of repurposing an old horse trailer had never occured to me. When I saw how beautiful the inside was I was in shock. I never imagined it could be so spacious and offer so much.

This past August, a man named Fred Cote from Keremeos, British Columbia, purchased this 1970 horse trailer and set about transforming it into a livable space. Wow, what a project.



The walls are lined with birch and there is 1.5" of insulation.

The trailer was gutted, insulated, repainted a cheery yellow, and had a kitchen, on-demand water heater, and dining area added. The dining section can also be transformed into a queen-sized sleeping area as needed!

Are you ready for the big reveal? You know what the outside looks like!


But are you ready for the inside?

Yes it has a porta potti in a cabinet under the bench seat.

The table folds down to make a 59" Queen bed.

Fred says he "loved the lines of it" and decided to make it his new camping retreat. There is a front man door for access.

Many happy years of enjoyment Fred! It looks amazing.

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