Household Moving Do’s and Don’ts

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Household Moving Do’s and Don’ts

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Moving your household is stressful and frustrating. Unfortunately, there is no simple way around this process. You can always lose or forget your belongings as you try navigating the chaos and procedures involved. There are also high chances of making common mistakes that can delay or add to the frustrations of relocating. However, being prepared and having a clear moving plan can help you avoid the common mistakes most homeowners make. Below are household moving do’s and don’ts you should know.

Moving Do’s

Hire the Right Moving Company

Your choice of moving company is a crucial determinant of the success of your household moving. Therefore, you should hire reliable, trustworthy, and professional movers. You should hire a company you can entrust with your belongings. Several items can break or get lost during the move.

Ensure you hire a company with a good reputation, valid license, and insurance to decrease these risks. Fortunately, evaluating various companies has been made easy by the internet. A simple search can help you compare various moving companies in your locality. Most companies have websites where you can check their registration numbers, licensure, and previous customers’ feedback.

Have Label Boxes

Most people forget to use labels or outrightly ignore the importance of labeling their packing boxes. Labeling not only simplifies the unpacking process but also informs the moving company which boxes should go to what rooms and boxes with fragile items. Having to deal with tens of unlabeled boxes in your new home is very stressful.

Therefore, you should label your boxes according to their respective rooms. The label should also highlight the primary contents and whether they are fragile or require extra care. You can also color-code labeling stickers to save time.

Declutter Before Moving

Most people don’t declutter or clean their old homes before moving out. You should declutter and dispose of or donate non-essential items. You can also sell items in good condition for extra cash. Decluttering will save you a lot of space when packing, which reduces the number of cartons required and the cost of moving.

Take Measurements in Advance

Before moving, you should take measurements of the doors and spaces in your new home. Walk with a measuring tape during your pre-visit and note the measurements of entrance doors and walkways versus those of your furniture items. Having these measurements eliminate possible size inconveniences during the moving day.

Doing this can determine if you should disassemble any furniture before moving. Measuring the length of furniture and curtains also comes in handy when making your new house a home. Settling into a new house often takes time, but planning can ease the excitement.

Avoid Haggling

You should try haggling the cost of moving when it’s time to pay for their services. Professional moving companies often provide their quotes in advance. Therefore, any negotiations should be done before signing a contract. Trying to haggle to save some cash at the last minute shows a lack of respect and poor moving etiquette.

Moving Don’ts

Don’t Leave Tasks Until the Last Minute

You will have a lot to do in the days leading up before moving. While it’s human nature to underestimate your belongings and wait until the last minute to pack, you will be shocked by the number of items that need attention.

Therefore, start packing and preparing early to avoid the last-minute rush. What seems like a two-day packing task may extend into a week-long activity. You should also start searching for a moving company in advance. Most companies charge highly for short-notice bookings.

Don’t Forget to Inform People of Your New Address

Be it a few days before or after moving; you should notify your utility companies, healthcare providers, friends, and relatives about your new address. Ensure that you redirect your mail and service providers to ensure that important documents aren’t delivered to the wrong address. You should also update your new address with your bank, electoral role, and other important companies.

Don’t Try to Do Everything Yourself

Most people underestimate the effort and stress associated with moving. Depending on the number of household items, you can presume that you can handle most of these tasks yourself. However, you should hire a removal company to ease your moving process, especially for a large or long-distance relocation.

Hiring a moving company frees you to focus on other activities associated with moving. You also benefit from professional equipment that safeguards your household items. Removable moving companies have extensive knowledge and experience in facilitating a smooth, safe, and organized relocation. They also handle the heavy-lifting tasks of moving.

The Bottom Line

Household moving is very involved and requires a lot of planning. Whether you hire professional movers or ask friends for help, you should consider the dos and don’ts mentioned above to make your big day seamless.

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