How A Few Renovations Can Go A Long Way

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How A Few Renovations Can Go A Long Way

Some people think that renovations may be a waste of time, or cost too much money for little reward. But renovations can make a house worth a lot more and can help to make a house feel more like home. There are a lot of things to consider when doing renovations, starting out with what type of renovations need to be done and a budget for these renovations. Planning ahead is important because it can help renovators get an idea of what to expect during the renovation process, how much time and work will go into the renovation, and what the cost may be.

Choosing Renovations

There are a variety of options for simple renovations as well as larger renovations. Smaller and more simple renovations can do a lot for a home than many realize. Some basic renovation ideas may be repainting and replacing old or outdated appliances. These renovations can help to revive the property and increase the worth of the property.


Not everyone immediately thinks of landscaping when they begin to think of renovations, but starting outside is a good first step to increasing the worth of a home. There are many elements of landscaping that are fairly easy to do, like creating a garden space or adding flowers to a home. Keeping the lawn properly maintained is a very good step in landscaping that will keep the home looking neat. A good landscape helps around 60 percent of buyers in making a decision about a home. Professional landscape design also helps in increasing the value of a home. These professionals can help to choose what is best for a specific home. A professional may suggest building certain items like a deck or planting shrubs and trees in the yard.


Hardscaping can be a good way to balance the greenery. Adding in a good patio or deck, and garden structures can be a good addition to a home and will also help add worth to a home. A concrete patio may be a better idea for some versus a wood patio. Concrete can be stained similar to wood and most structures made from concrete can last over 100 years. Adding wood, tile, and gravel elements are also very good options for hardscaping.


It is incredibly important to have a budget for renovations. Though they add value to a home, the value it adds will not immediately add money back into the renovator's pockets. That value is only received after the home is sold.

A good first step is to create a list of things that need to be done. This may include adding on a deck or patio, tending to overgrown plants in the yard, adding a garden, or fixing a railing. It can also be a good idea to contact a professional who is able to see things that an average homeowner might overlook. Doing full renovations on a home is not a cheap project, so it is important to know exactly how involved it will be. But when unforeseen circumstances arise, a Finnish lending platform "Saldo" offers quick loans to assist you in managing your budget temporarily. This will be until you repay it in full through fixed monthly installments.

When planning for renovations, some suggest spending around 10 to 15 percent of the home's value for each room to avoid putting in more money than can be earned in the sale of the home. It is also important to know that a renovation is not a complete remodel of the home and focuses more on the surface areas of a home. Around 42 percent of homeowners look to do more expensive projects after doing renovations so it is important to note how much money is left over that could be spent on additional future projects.

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