How Ancestral Connections Can Open The Road To Italian Citizenship

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How Ancestral Connections Can Open The Road To Italian Citizenship

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Millions of Americans have a foreign background, with their ancestors immigrating to the US centuries ago. Countless among these people wish to reclaim their roots and move back to the country of their origin. Luckily, some countries offer citizenship by descent, so getting back is easy. Italy is one of the countries that allows aspiring immigrants to claim through the Jure Sanguinis roots. Not surprisingly, the number of Americans applying for Italian dual citizenship increases year after year.

The citizenship by descent route is perhaps the easiest way to immigrate to Italy and start a life there. You can check Bersani Law Firm website to understand how the process works. Moreover, you can also get help to ease the journey to the country. Let us explain how your ancestral connections in Italy can open the road to Italian citizenship for you and your family.

Assess your eligibility

Italian citizenship passes on to the next generations without a generational limit. Simply speaking, you can claim through your parents and forefathers beyond. But things are not as simple as you imagine because some caveats apply. Your Italian ascendant must have been alive or born after March 17th, 1861, the date of foundation and unification of Italy. Secondly, they must not have renounced their citizenship or naturalized as a citizen elsewhere before the birth of the next generation. Besides these eligibility norms, you must also understand the exceptions. Primarily, the gender of your ancestor determines whether you come under an exception. Anyone with a female ascendant who gave birth before 1948 does not qualify for Jure Sanguinis. But you will have the option to apply through the 1948 Rule, which entails a court process.

Sort out your paperwork

After ensuring your eligibility, you have to get ready for the most daunting part. Getting your paperwork can be challenging because you have to complete an extended checklist. The bigger challenge is obtaining documents from the comune where your Italian ancestor lived. You can imagine the complexity of traveling to Italy to get age-old certificates of birth, death, and marriage of an ancestor. However, you can simplify it by collaborating with a local citizenship expert as they will have the right kind of connections. Besides the local documents, you will require your ID papers and naturalization records of your Italian-born ancestor from the country of your residence. Additionally, you will have to get them translated and apostilled for the process. Documentation can be time-consuming, so ensure you have a head start with it before applying for citizenship.

Complete the application process

After sorting the paperwork, you can go ahead with the application process. The good thing is that you need not fly down to Italy to complete it, although the process is expedited this way. You have the option to apply for dual citizenship at your local consulate. But expect the process to take longer because of the extended wait times for initial appointments. The average wait time is six months in some consulates, and they may go up to a year. Everything boils down to the number of applications already in line. It means you must have the patience and commitment to wait for a long time. Also, ensure no errors or omissions in your paperwork, as you may miss out on approval even after appearing for an interview. Once again, partnering with an expert keeps you on the safe side. They make sure that your documents are complete and accurate so that you may get through the final step.

Start your Italian life

After showing complete and accurate documents at the consulate, you have a good chance of completing the process. After getting your second passport through ancestry, you are all set to start your Italian life. It entitles you to the right to live and work in Italy, access education and healthcare benefits, and travel freely across the EU. You can bring your spouse and dependents along, and they get the same benefits as you. The best thing about Italian citizenship by descent is it passes on to your next generations automatically. Consider it a precious gift to bequeath to your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Claiming your ancestral roots is perhaps the best way to immigrate to Italy, so don't miss out on the opportunity if you have it. Know the process, understand your eligibility, and find an expert to guide you with the journey. Although you may have to invest time and effort, it is a small price for one of the most powerful passports in the world.

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