How Are the Latest Releases Changing the Online Slot Industry?

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How Are the Latest Releases Changing the Online Slot Industry?

The online slot industry is like any other sector, with changes that are sometimes visible to the end consumer and others that are only noticeable when we look behind the scenes. What are some of the latest slot trends that we can see by looking at recent releases?

New Themes

When we open a site for playing online slots, such as Betfair, we see many different slot titles. These games are arranged by category, such as the most popular games, those based on movies and others that feature the Megaways engine. This is also where we see a large number of new releases, which reflect the constant movement in this market and how different game creators produce new slots regularly.

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In terms of themes, the new games contain some classic ideas as well as new settings and images. For example, Rise of Atlantis by Blueprint Gaming contains a deep-sea theme with symbols including tridents, treasures and what looks like the famous lost city being destroyed by waves. It’s an intriguing subject that should capture the imagination of players, particularly since there are so many theories about Atlantis, as discussed by History.  

Reel Empire from Core Gaming also takes a historical approach, although in this case the action is set deep in a forest. The symbols show warriors, apparently based on Roman soldiers, who were generally classed as either legionaries or auxiliaries. Power Fishing Megaways is another new slot, and it carries on with the recent trend for games based on angling, with a variety of different fish among the key symbols.

Different Features

These games, and other new titles, all follow the basic slot mechanism where the reels spin before stopping randomly. Prizes are paid when they stop on a set of matching images but while this might sound very simple, game creators have been looking for new ways of adding features to make their slots more varied.

The Megaways engine already mentioned is a good example of how this works, as it creates a new layout and a different number of ways of winning on every spin. We can also see an interesting approach taken on the Call of the Wild game by Inspired Gaming. It features mystery symbols that flip over once the reels stop moving, to suddenly reveal matching symbols.

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How Are These Aspects Changing the Slots Industry?

The first area to consider here is how these new slots are likely to attract new players to this growing market. Anyone who opens a well-stocked online casino these days is likely to see at least a few slots that appeal to their interests. We all have different tastes, and slots are now designed to appeal to as wide a range of people as possible.

Those different features also show us how the gameplay is evolving, making slots more attractive to people who prefer a slightly more complex way of playing but without affecting anyone who wants to look for the classic way of playing.

All of these changes have acted to make online slots more accessible and mainstream. Expect to see this trend continue, with more new releases that expand their appeal even further.

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