How Can Your Employees Benefit From a Company-Wide Escape Room Adventure?

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How Can Your Employees Benefit From a Company-Wide Escape Room Adventure?

Involving your employees in an escape room adventure is not only fun but also helps your employees take a break and relax from work. The next time you plan a corporate retreat, consider signing your team up for an escape room game. There are many benefits of escape rooms. They bring significant value to employees as they solve riddles and build bonds with co-workers. Read on to learn more.

Escape Rooms Are Fun and Engaging

An escape room involves solving challenges to get out of a room. You have to find small clues and solve puzzles together, and that is what makes them engaging. Picture a scenario where group members are effectively operating under pressure to solve a problem in a short time period. Additionally, with each room comes a different challenge, making it very dynamic and interesting. The puzzles are fun and require critical thinking and analytical skills to be exercised. You will find your workers are energized and ready to be productive at work. This is because you provided them an opportunity to relax and have fun together.

Allows for Bonding Outside of the Office

An escape room strengthens relationships among coworkers outside the office. This is an opportunity for those who do not know each other well to acquaint themselves. The key elements in an escape room are communication and teamwork to solve a puzzle. To solve the challenge, you will have to communicate with each other, and as you do, you get to know each other. This is why you will find about 19% of customers frequenting an escape room are corporate clients. This is because most employers know that they have to be united for their employees to provide better results. The puzzle takes about 60 minutes, which is adequate to set the foundation for a good relationship among group members.

Enables Trust and Teamwork

An escape room builds ties among team members. Solving a challenge as a group is a great way to promote friendships and teamwork. Once a group enters a room, things like managerial or seniority positions at work fall away, and what is left is one team and a shared experience. About 25% of new businesses make it past their 15th year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is because of activities like this that promote teamwork. An escape room is an ideal tool for when you want your employees to bond. A team that has bonded and that trusts each other is able to work together effectively.

Promotes Communication Skills

At a basic level, an escape room can be solved by one person. However, they will still need help to physically get out in time. This is an excellent way to encourage cooperation among team members. For team members to solve any puzzles, they have to overcome any communication barrier between them. A session of 60 minutes is adequate for coworkers to figure out the clues given and how to solve challenges. This is why communication is essential in the game. Those skills can be applied in their day-to-day activities when dealing with clients and customers.

You will find that about 85% of your business's customers work or live within a five-mile radius of where your business is located. You, therefore, need to ensure that your workers have the necessary communication skills to address customers. The skills are also handy when it comes to how the junior and the senior staff relate to each other. You will find ease in addressing issues without fear, which can help solve any issues arising.

The next time you want to take your employees on a retreat for team-building exercises, take them to an escape room. You will help them enhance their communication skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. You may even find that your company's culture enhances after an escape room adventure!

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