How Coronavirus Is Changing the Online Dating Game for the Better

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How Coronavirus Is Changing the Online Dating Game for the Better


Online dating has changed everything. With the advancement of society and culture, innumerable dating apps evolved in the last few years, allowing people to socialize and interact with strangers and find out their ideal ones. These dating apps are of great help for single people and are known to have provided many with long term successful relationships.

The recent global COVID 19 pandemic has compelled people to go out of their comfort zones and search for their happiness in these digital virtual apps. They are forced to try and experiment with online dating. Video calls have come to importance. Small talks are out. The biggest plus of all this is no one is in a rush. You can take your time and take things slowly, according to your comfort.

Re-emerging modes dating

This pandemic has slowed things down, which is especially beneficial for singles. They can now proceed traditionally, know their partners before taking things forward. These rediscovering and re-emerging modes of dating will give singles the time they need to choose an ideal partner for romancing and develop an attachment with them slowly, as per their convenience. This way their relationships will flourish for the long term too.

  • People will obviously continue to follow social distancing and home quarantining and that will impact our social lives and the way we romantically involve with your partners.
  • Let's see how we can interact and communicate to keep our love life alright.
  • Below given are certain aspects showing how this COVID 19 issue has changed the online dating game for the better.

The dating process has changed

Dating during these times are tough. There are no chances of meeting your partner in person. So this has brought digital conversations and meetings through video chats and other digital activities into prominence.

As people can't go out to theatres and restaurants, they are adopting these online methods as an effort to be together.

In this new digitalized era, we have online options to stay in touch, like social media platforms, video chat apps, etc. All these have made communication possible in times of this pandemic.

  • Despite the world condition being tough and chaotic, we shouldn't neglect our personal lives completely. Those who are already committed can take the help of these online apps to meet and interact with their loved ones while simple people can take their whole time in developing relationships with others.
  • We don't know for sure how far online relationships will be successful but there is no harm in giving it a try.
  • This is the best time for singles to discover themselves and know others and choose their ideal partners taking the time.
  • This pandemic has changed the dating process. It's opening new arenas for single people and allowing couples to meet and interact together through video calls.

Video Chats Are In

A recent study conducted during the second week of April has depicted a rise of 69% in video chatting. Thus, amply demonstrates how the pandemic has changed the daily routines of people. They are forced to alter their courtship habits in these times.

All men and women when asked about how they interact with their partners, they said video chatting. That's a whole new arena which has been brought to us.

Before this Pandemic, as said by reports only about 6% of people used to video chat with their partners. Now, the statistics show how much video chats have become popular.

  • This new feature of video chatting has certain plus points too. When you facetime your partner on zoom, google duo, or other digital platforms, you can communicate better.
  • You can notice every tiny detail about them, their mood, hair, tattoo, shirt, food etc. You get to know what they have been doing all day long.
  • So, video chats have made interacting easier, no matter how far away you are from your partner. For singles too, this is beneficial.
  • You can't go out on dates during this lockdown period. So, the only way to interact better with your friends and partner is by faceting them.
  • You can get a hint of their physical appeal and their personality the moment you talk to them over video calls.

More time to interact

Now that people have to stay back at their homes, they have hardly anything productive to do. This is the best time for people to browse through the matches they have found on dating apps.

Singles have a lot more topics to discuss with their match. It enables people to know their match's personality and opinions better. Eventually all this will be helpful for you in making decisions regarding your future.

Small talks are not preferred these days. People are wanting deep, long conversations and this is the perfect time to indulge in that.

  • Singles have the entire time to themselves. They can share their insecurities, fears, hopes with their online friends.
  • It's a proven fact that people love to share things with strangers whom they have never met in person and not with their acquaintances because of the fear of being judged.
  • All this will let you know your partner better too. According to psychologists, self-disclosure, revealing one's personal thoughts and feelings and desires spur feelings and intimacy which of course is needed for a healthy, long term relationship.
  • What better time will you get to experience this, than this quarantine!

People are not Rushing into Relationships

The most major change that this lockdown has brought is " it has extended the getting to know each other process. Earlier, when technology wasn't so advanced and dating apps didn't exist, marriage was the beginning of romance and relationship.

Whereas now, marriage is the finale, the climax. Nowadays, people date first, know if they are compatible, live together, and then decide if they are to marry each other or not.

  • Precisely, romantic love can happen instantly if you are attracted to a person.
  • But deep attachment and mental connection take time to happen.
  • This pandemic is doing nothing but giving us all the opportunity to emotionally and mentally explore one another and get ourselves attached in a far better-impactful way.

Virtual dating is now a living reality

The pandemic has resulted in a rise in chats over online dating apps and newly found matches have taken their first ever digital dates! Though this is something new and out of the box, virtual dating can be useful if done properly.

During this quarantine, apps like bumble and tinder have seen a 21% increase in messages sent, especially around the mid-march, which amply demonstrates how many people have used these dating apps.

So, if you're single then don't let this lockdown and quarantine affect your personal life and make you bored at home. Try this online dating process. Who knows, it might prove lucky for you. Even if you don't get your ideal person from dating apps, at least you will know that you tried.

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