How Gaming Has Exploded In 2020

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How Gaming Has Exploded In 2020

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You might have heard that the gaming industry has been doing well in 2020, but is that really the case? Why you were fixing the house and doing DIY projects was everyone else gaming? And if so, why has the gaming industry exploded this year? Find out right here!

Has Gaming Really Increased in 2020?

Gaming in all its shapes and sizes has been performing well this year. You just have to take a look at the video gaming industry to get a sense of what has been going on. It is now worth over $160 billion, which is a phenomenal increase in growth of around 9% this year. Mobile gaming is also up with nearly half of people with a smartphone considering themselves as gamers.

Reasons Why Gaming Gets More Popular

1. Live Games

Live dealer game shave become more prevalent in 2020 simply because more of them are available to play. With the most expensive casino game, Crazy Time, produced by Evolution Gaming this year, it is clear that live dealer games are not just becoming more popular. Still, developers are willing to invest in them. Crazy Time also breaks the mold because it is not just a live dealer variation of a classic game like poker. It is a brand-new format and concept, showing that live dealer games could be the gateway to more innovation at casino sites.

2. The eSports Boom

eSports was already growing in numbers back in 2019 with more people becoming aware of it as a competitive gaming sport and even stadiums being built to watch the action go down. Other sports were postponed during 2020 and eSports became one of the only ones that could continue on a remote basis. This drove interest and captured more fans who wanted to stream events and play the games their new heroes were playing.

3. Improving Internet

The improvement of wireless internet is an achievement often overlooked, or shrouded in conspiracy theories. But 5G connectivity is an achievement which reduces lag-time for players. The improvement in download speeds and reduced latency allows online, multiplayer, and smartphone gaming to all move up a notch.

4. Better Smartphones

In the same breath, smartphones and smaller handheld devices we play games on have improved as well. What this does is frees developers to make games with improved visuals and better capabilities for on-the-move playing. In conjunction with cloud gaming and the redundancy of the games console, this is a big step in mobile gaming industry.

5. More Time at Home

Last but certainly not least, the events of 2020 have allowed many of us to finally fix that dodgy drawer or clean out the garage. Working from home and being at home for more hours of the day has driven us to find new forms of entertainment. Netflix shows have been released at a much slower pace. But thankfully gaming has stepped up to the mark when we were at a loss. Even Netflix shows that did get released might have made us play more games. The hit series The Queen's Gambit has seen a rise in online chess game searches.

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