How Strong Are Tungsten Rings?

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How Strong Are Tungsten Rings?

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As a well-loved alternative to jewelry like gold and silver, tungsten has made a name for itself in the jewelry market. As a matter of fact, you will come across tungsten carbide rings nine times out of ten.

While its surface appearance may make it look like any other metal, the truth is that tungsten is extremely unique and versatile. Known for its strength and high melting point, this metal is as durable as it is highly resistant.

But have you ever wondered just how strong tungsten rings maybe? If you own a tungsten wedding ring, do you always wonder if it will see you through your ten-year anniversary? In this article, we will answer the million-dollar question- how strong are tungsten rings?

Where It All Started

The use of tungsten as a metal can be traced back to the 17th century.  Extracted from ore, it gained its notoriety because of the fact that it has the highest melting point of all metals. However, in the 18th century, tungsten officially gained a place in the metal market because it was first used during this era.

This is how tungsten’s best properties like durability, strength, and tarnish resistance were first discovered. As such, the metal was embraced and developed into many forms including tungsten carbide. Today, tungsten is especially popular in the jewelry making process.

Understanding The Strength of Tungsten Rings

In order to understand how strong tungsten rings are, it is important to understand the elements that give the metal its strength. These elements include:

  • A composition of metals

To give tungsten its strength, it is alloyed with other metals like vanadium and aluminum, depending on the metal grade. This optimal combination makes tungsten so strong that it is equally used as a strengthener for other metals.

Usually, metals like titanium contain a percentage of tungsten for the purpose of 0f strength and durability. When mixed with carbon, tungsten becomes string and long-lasting.

  • A high melting point

With a melting point of 3410 degrees Celsius, tungsten atoms bond strongly during the melting process. In turn, the metal becomes stronger. This is why tungsten carbide rings are considered strong.

  • Enviable hardness

Tungsten rings come in a variety of finishes. As such, the hardness of the metal contributes to its strength and durability. Considered one of the hardest metals in existence, tungsten is virtually indestructible.

It can take a good beating without falling apart.  In turn, this goes to show that tungsten rings are strong as they cannot be destroyed easily.

A Few Other Things That Make Tungsten Rings Strong

Tensile strength and impact strength are two other elements that play a crucial role in the strength of tungsten rings.

What Is Tensile Strength?

This is the ability of a metal to resist deformation when a load is applied to it. Well, tungsten rings come with the highest tensile strength.  (50,000-60,000 per square inches). With this kind of strength, it is safe to say that your tungsten ring will tolerate anything unless you subject it to a tensile strength of 61,000 per square inches or higher.

Tensile strength is important because many metals are required to go through a tensile test during their service life. In this case, tungsten rings pass the test, with flying colors if we might add.

What Is Impact Strength?

In other words, impact strength is defined as toughness. It is the ability of a metal to resist fracturing or cracking. Tungsten carbide rings are scratch-resistant. They come with a lot of impact strength.

In fact, these carbide rings are more resistant than diamonds. As a result, you will not have to worry about your carbide ring falling on the floor and breaking. If anything, you can rest assured that it can handle a lot of impact.

Impact strength and tensile strength are two qualities that set tungsten carbide rings apart. When measuring strength, these are the two main considerations to follow. As tungsten rings pass both tests, it is safe to say that this metal is exactly what you are looking for in terms of strength.

The Bottom Line

There you go! Every reason why a tungsten carbide ring is the safest bet. It is naturally understandable to think of platinum or gold wedding bands because they are the most common options.

However, tungsten has become a worthy contender, especially because it comes with a slew of great properties and it is affordable. It is one of the best choices you will ever make if you are on the hunt for something chic, bold, and diffe

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