How to get around Cancun from Cancun Airport?

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How to get around Cancun from Cancun Airport?

Whether you are staying a few days in Cancun or want to visit any other destination in the Riviera Maya, the Cancun airport is the start point on your vacations and knowing how to move to your destination is essential. Some travelers can get overwhelmed with all Cancun airport transportation services they can find, but know the advantages or disadvantages can be very helpful to choice the best transportation from Cancun airport.

Some are more comfortable than others or can vary in price and security, but the one you choose will depend on your budged and travel style, among other factors like the number of people traveling with you. You can also check out the Cancun airport transfers reviews to choose the best company or agency for your trip. However, here you can find the most popular options to move through Cancun and do not miss any attraction on your visit.

Rent a Car

Road trips are very common among tourist since distance between destinations are close and most places like Tulum or Puerto Morelos are ideal for a 1-day trip. Renting a car has many benefits for your trip, like total freedom to move through the cities and no inconvenience on itineraries. There is no doubt that this is one of the favorite options of travelers and best Cancun airport transfers.

There are different car rental agencies at the airport so you can easily get your car and go directly to your hotel once you land. Booking a vehicle before traveling is recommended, so you don’t have to worry about looking for car rental Cancun options at your arrival. It can get really hard, especially on high seasons when most companies have car shortage or increase the prices.

Booking in advance can also make you save money because some agencies offer discounts for pre-paid rents, so take it into consideration. Do not forget your driver license and credit card, since you’ll be asking for at the moment to rent a car, along with other documentation.

Take a Taxi

Taxis are very useful if you don’t have any other transfer method. Even though they are very comfortable, it can be really expensive to use them as your main transportation option. At the airport, you can find two options of taxis and the difference between them is that some are regulated and not very secure to move.  

Take a Bus

You can take a bus to get to your hotel or destination from Cancun airport, there are different bus companies in Cancun, but the most recommended one is ADO. ADO buses are available directly at the airport, in the different terminals and you have the option to buy your ticket in advance or get it at your arrival, but it is always recommended buying your tickets in advance because ADO offer discounts for anticipated purchase.

If you are asking, buses are one of the cheapest options of mobility with different amenities to make the journey to your destination more comfortable. Usually buses count with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and great space for luggage but not ideal for bulky luggage.  

If you decide to use the bus service, take into consideration your final destination, since departures are more frequent in certain destinations like Playa del Carmen than others. Also, ADO buses don’t operate at night, so in case your flight arrives late, you must consider another transportation option like taxis or private shuttles.

Once in the city, other buses are available in case you want to go to the beach or the hotel zone at very accessible prices.  

Reserve private transportation

Private transportation is getting more popular these days, since it offers a more secure transfer and is cheaper and more comfortable for tourists. You don’t have to worry about driving yourself to your destination or stress about rigorous itineraries. Just book your Cancun shuttle transportation in advance to make sure your vehicle will be ready at your arrival to take you to your destination.

Some benefits of getting a private transportation options are the different options available, either you want to travel in a luxury vehicle or with many people. Also, vehicles are air-conditioned and spacious without making you share the car with total strangers like buses or doing unnecessary stops along the way. You will enjoy a completely private and direct transfer to your hotel with total security.

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