How To Get More Luxury For Your Money

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How To Get More Luxury For Your Money

For the 10,000th time, you go to pay for your $5 morning coffee and think to yourself "this is way too much money to spend on coffee every day!"

And you're not wrong.

Spending $5 a day on coffee means you're spending $150 a month...just on a morning beverage!

Think of what you could do with that money instead. Travel, treat yourself, the possibilities are endless!!

The great people with Oliver's Travels put together a graphic that shows you most people are spending money on daily, and then gives you an idea of the other options you have.

Some of these are more specified to the UK, but you still get the idea. I bet most people don't even think about it!

The more money you have, the better you have it (obviously.) But it gives you some inspiration on how to save up for things that give you a small dose of luxury every once in a while!

What are your favorite little luxuries? Let us know!

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