How to Get the Best CBD Seeds for Home Grown Farming

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How to Get the Best CBD Seeds for Home Grown Farming

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As consumer interest in CBD has grown, so has the number of home growers. That's good news for those who use CBD as a wellness supplement or a therapeutic agent for managing chronic conditions since growing CBD at home is much less expensive than purchasing it from specialty stores. Those interested in taking a more holistic, DIY approach to managing their health can read on to find out how to find the best CBD seeds for home grown farming.

Step One: Find a Reputable Seed Bank

Novice growers often assume that they can just plant seeds from low-quality CBD flower and expect to see results. Unfortunately, that's just not true. While the seeds purchased from seed banks have been genetically stabilized to ensure that they will have the same desirable traits as their parent plants, such as high CBD concentrations, the same can't be said for random seeds taken from consumer-grade hemp or marijuana flower. More often than not, random cannabis seeds won't even germinate. Thankfully, i49 has cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to have at least an 80% germination rate.

Step Two: Choose the Right Strains

The first thing to look for when choosing a strain for CBD production is, of course, its cannabinoid concentrations. Those who are subjected to random drug tests need to make sure they purchase cannabis seeds with plenty of CBD but very low THC levels. Medical marijuana users may be able to benefit from strains with a more balanced CBD to THC ratio, which can be more effective at managing certain types of chronic conditions thanks to the entourage effect.

In addition to cannabinoid concentrations, home growers should also look into each strain's terpene profile. Terpene profiles affect the taste and smell of the final product. Not everyone cares what their CBD flower will taste or smell like, but those who do can find strains that will meet or exceed their expectations online.

Step Three: Ask Questions

Even after future growers have done their own research, they may have some questions that need to be answered before they can make a final decision about which seeds to buy. Feel free to contact the seed bank for answers. It's always smart to ask about things like growing conditions, whether the seeds will perform better outdoors or indoors, and how resistant they are to pests and diseases. Novice growers should choose strains that are tailored to their climate zones and known to produce heavy yields with minimal help.

Step Four: Place an Order

Once growers know exactly what they want, they can place an order online or by phone. At this point, all they have to do is wait for the seeds to arrive at their doorsteps in discreet packaging. Take the time to purchase farming products and equipment and set up the garden or grow room.

Step Five: Store the Seeds Properly Until Germination

It's fine to order cannabis seeds in advance for next year's season. If growers keep them in a cool, dry place, they'll remain viable for years. Just make sure no moisture gets in, as this can cause premature germination and render the seeds useless when it comes time to plant them.

The Bottom Line

All high-quality CBD comes from cannabis plants, and all cannabis plants start out as seeds. Finding the right seeds is the first step toward producing a heavy yield of high-quality hemp or marijuana flower. Place an order soon to get ready for next year's planting season.

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