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How to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

It's finally summertime, so it's time to have outdoor gatherings such as barbecues and pool parties. This also means you need to get your home and backyard ready to get together with family and friends.

Your backyard probably needs some care following harsh winter conditions. You want it to look inviting and offer the best times for family and friends. When organizing a small party for friends or planning an enjoyable evening with family, the backyard should be a place where you host a neighborhood barbecue, a family bonfire, or a children's pool party.

In addition, during summer, it is a peaceful, relaxing place to sit with the family while you are home. The backyard is the best place where you can have this peaceful time. You can enjoy nature, and if you have a pool, you can go swimming. Here are some tips to follow so your backyard is summer-ready.

Clean and Freshen Up Your Lawn, Back Deck, or Patio

If your backyard doesn't look fresh, how can you feel fresh within it? The answer lies with some gardening and TLC to give your backyard an ideal appearance for the summer.

First, you need to do some weed removal. Weeds have likely sprouted up due to excessive winter precipitation. You will need to trim plants of any excess growth and mow the grass, too. Then, add some fertilizer to the grass and plants regularly to ensure they get the essential nutrients needed for growth.

Utilize Stucco Paint

During the winter, moisture can damage the walls of your home. Therefore, you need to paint the stucco. Painting the walls so the exterior of your home looks pretty again is an essential step in making sure your house is presentable on the outside. Since it's recommended to utilize stucco paint on the exterior of your house every five years, it's a task you won't need to do again for a while! It will ensure the exterior of your home maintains its original beauty. Stucco paint saves time and money and will not destroy the natural appearance of the exterior of your home, too. You can paint stucco paint on any damaged areas and it will appear similar to the rest of the wall.

Clean Your Pool

Swimming is a favorite summer pastime. Therefore, a clean, fresh pool is something that is essential so people can swim in it safely. If you have a chlorine pool, get the water tested to ensure it's balanced and safe for your family to swim in. You may need to fish out dead leaves and other elements that snuck into your pool throughout the past seasons. Then, enjoy your clean swimming pool with friends and family!

Consider Buying Some New Backyard Furniture

The most important thing after cleaning your backyard is to install some furniture that will entice the look of your backyard. Also, when you have pool parties or a get-together at your home, you will need some furniture where everyone can sit comfortably and enjoy their time. Be sure to purchase outdoor furniture that can withstand the rain, wind, and children with grubby hands.

Install Shelves to Stock Your Backyard Supplies

You should install handy shelves in which you can stock supplies such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and moisturizer. With more than 540 common pests in Oklahoma, your home state likely has lurking pests throughout the summer that need to be avoided. So, it's best to also keep some pest spray handy on your backyard shelves. Add mason jars that can be used for catching lightning bugs, too. You could even store the ingredients for s'mores in sealed containers! Essentially, anything your family will need during a campfire in your backyard, keep it handy on a shelf!

Store Firewood and Hang Pretty Lights

Also, you should stock firewood for an amazing bonfire with friends and family. Do you know that there is almost 20% moisture content in seasoned firewood? Keep it in a safe place throughout the summer. You may also wish to install a fire pit in the backyard. This will give an instant upgrade to the look and feel of your backyard.

Installing some elegant lighting will make your backyard more inviting, too. Make sure to purchase solar lights. This adds sparkle to your backyard, as it will look beautiful and not adversely affect electricity bills.

When getting your backyard ready for summer, there is no need to hire an expert landscaper. Just follow these easy tips to get your backyard ready for summer fun.

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