How to Keep Everyone Amused Whilst Traveling

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How to Keep Everyone Amused Whilst Traveling

Setting out on vacation is always exciting, but by the time you're two hours into an eight-hour flight, the novelty can sometimes wear off. Being prepared for the holiday itself is one thing, but being prepared for the travel involved in getting there can be quite another. Whether it's just you heading out on a solo adventure, or you've got a whole bunch of antsy travellers to keep busy, we've provided you with some tips on how to make sure everyone is well catered for whilst you're travelling.

Get a Games Library Going

The best way to really amuse yourself and let the hours fly by is with a game. Downloading a selection to your mobile is a good place to start, as most airlines are very happy for you to use mobiles now, as long as they are switched to flight mode. Some of us would rather play on a laptop of course, so if you love online gaming then it's absolutely possible to play on a number of airlines, providing you use the in-flight wifi and keep your mobile data switched off. Those who play Texas Holdem poker can make use of bonuses and deals whilst in the air to ensure your play wallet doesn't run low mid-flight. If you're using an entirely offline game then you won't even need to make use of the wifi, just plug in and play until you reach your destination.

Save Space With Audiobooks

Are you the kind of holidaymaker who always seems to have a suitcase full of books and nothing to wear? It could be a good idea to turn your books into the audio version instead. Everyone brings a phone with them anyway, so download a few novels to your mobile and listen in peace. If you enjoy the act of reading more than listening then you could get your hands on a Kindle, or another similar e-reader instead. You'll be able to store thousands of books in less space than one would usually take up. Plus, if you're travelling on an overnight flight, you can set your screen settings so you'll still be able to read without disrupting your neighbours.

Settle Down for a Super Sleep

With the hectic lives that most of us lead, sometimes a long flight is the perfect excuse for a good sleep. Unfortunately, unless you've bought your own plane, you're going to be up against some noise from the other passengers. There's nothing worse than getting seated next to a loud snorer, but there are ways to deal with it. Noise-cancelling headphones have dropped massively in price in recent years and they're really effective. Make sure that you buy some to cancel out the in-flight movie, drinks cart noise and any unwanted snoring. Once your headphones are on, consider a sleep mask as well. Interference from opened blinds, television screens and reading lights all interferes with our sleep patterns. With your headphones in and your mask on, you'll be shielded from all the hustle and bustle that plane travel entails.

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