How to Market and Sell More Tickets to Your Next Event

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How to Market and Sell More Tickets to Your Next Event

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Renowned companies only need to announce that they will start selling tickets for the next event on a given date and they will have people flocking to get tickets. Such companies may only need to carry out sporadic marketing campaigns to have the tickets sold 100%. But for other businesses, this may not be the case. So, going the extra mile is necessary.

Marketing is a secret that can help companies sell most of their event tickets. But they must use tested tips that have helped many marketers to oversell event tickets. It is the only way to ensure that you don’t end up with empty seats.

It is good that you are already on this page. Here are some top marketing tips to help you sell most of the tickets and increase event attendance.

1. Have different packages

This method works if you have a way to discriminate against the attendants. If the event will be held on different days it is fine. Also, if it can allow you to categorize attendants based on their financial capabilities, it is good. To use this strategy to fill the seats, have different ticket types to target your groups. Charge higher fees to those who will receive VIP treatment. Charge moderately for the middle-income group and lowly for regular tickets. If you elect to have an after-party, come up with the ticket strategy that will take care of the session.

2. Advertise widely

If you already have space on which to advertise, go ahead, and start marketing the event. Both email and social media marketing are good options. Also, you will need to include some photos and a link to the purchase page. It allows them to register for the event and book for the tickets. If you already have a website, you will need to optimize your event's webpage. Promote the event on the website and any other channel by offering freebies. It can help spread the word around. Utilizing an event management platform will help you to track the links for people opting in. Also, it allows you to see the revenue that the participants are generating. This is vital since it allows you to reward participants that generate more revenue.

3. Promote the location

You will need to do some research on the location where the event will be held. Take note of inspiring landmarks and attractive features in the area. Promote those sites to give attendees a good reason to come to the event and sample its niceties. Popular restaurants, clubs, and bars should be noted. Take selfies while at these venues and use them in your background. It gives the attendees a chance to sightsee and will increase the overall experience.

4. Organize for a contest

Involving your staff in promotional activities will increase the number of tickets you can sell. The best way to do this is to organize a contest and give them the incentives to enable them to increase referrals. Use gifts like cards, a paid-up holiday or anything you think will excite them. Also, recognize any effort the sales team put in to promote the event. You can do this without spending much. Hosting a party with bonus paychecks or specially prepared food could still work.

5. Come up with A LinkedIn Group

It is a special group for the event. It allows collaborative activities and will help generate interest and conversation. Make the group vibrant and public. Besides, allow friends to register and invite their friends to the group. Spice the group by posting things that will encourage them to take part in group activities. If you already have people who have registered for the event, invite them to the group.

But do not focus all your energies on social media. Use other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to reach out to the masses. It allows you to expose the event to different categories of people. In all these efforts, ensure to include a link to the registration platform.

6. Organize mini events

Design a countdown schedule packed with mini-events. It will help build up participation for the main event. Have posters and prints designed to sensitize participants about the upcoming event? Events like live webinars and social media contests where you give out tickets to the main events could boost the sale of tickets. Also, allow the events guest speakers to post blogs.

As you do all this, you must remember that some strategies will work while others may not. So ensure to spend more resources on your website. Also, it may be necessary to optimize the event‘s webpage. Lastly, ensure to work on and improve your website ranking on the search engine.

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