How To Play Your Favourite Games Abroad

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How To Play Your Favourite Games Abroad

Whether you're stranded on holiday or want to get involved in international play, there is always a solution for making gaming more accessible — and the web is key to it all. In this article, we explore how to play your favourite games abroad with ease, maximising fun, opportunity, and your social life. Read on.  

The lottery: for the chance at an international jackpot

Lotteries are among some of the most storied and beloved global games, with the market in the United States alone predicted to grow by over $30 billion between 2020-2024. There are 44 state lotteries in the US, with countless more thriving around the world — so wouldn’t it be great if you could play a lottery outside of your nationality?

For instance, unique games like Cash4Life, which offers $1,000 a day for life, attracts attention from all over the globe. And the same can be said for colossal jackpot games such as The PowerBall (USA) and Euromillions (Europe).

Luckily you can learn how to play Cash4Life and other region-specific jackpot games all over the world. Using online platforms, most contemporary lotteries exist in one country but can be played overseas, meaning you have the chance to play the biggest international lotteries and take a chance on international jackpots if you have a secure online payment method.

Multiplayer: for the gamer with friends across the globe

In a post-COVID world, seeing your international friends requires a lot of planning, so online gaming is often the best way to catch up. But not always. If you or your friends live in different countries, finding a game to play without a hitch can be tough.

For instance, Overwatch and League of Legends are popular titles, but playing on international servers makes for a terrible connection. Some games, however, are far more stable and only experience moderate or minor connectivity issues.

Here are some great titles to play with friends across the globe:

Borderlands. The whole trilogy (plus the Pre-Sequel) provides an unmatched cooperative experience, despite a few small latency issues. That said, contemporary launches like Warframe and The Division 2 don’t come close to Gearbox’s chaotic looter-shooter.

All four Borderlands titles tend to be discounted on the Epic Games Store, with Borderlands 3 — the latest instalment — receiving routine promotional free play weekends (the most recent being October 2021). This means you can have hours of affordable fun playing a major title with your international friends, just keep an eye out for the best deals.

Hearthstone. A time existed when there wasn’t much to do in Blizzard’s hyper-competitive card game franchise, but thanks to regular stellar updates, the state of Hearthstone in 2021 is brimming with content and different ways to play your friends. When playing in other regions you may notice some slow moves, but nothing game-breaking that ruins the fun.

Playing games online means you can reach across the globe, ignoring borders and maximising fun. From playing the lottery in other countries to connecting with friends around the world — this is how you play your favourite games abroad.

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