How to Save and Share Music from Instagram Reels

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How to Save and Share Music from Instagram Reels

If you haven’t looked at reels on Instagram, it’s time to begin. They have become some of the hottest items on social media. It’s no secret why. They can be entertaining or informative. You can laugh hysterically or maybe even cry. You can do some dancing with those fun vids.

It’s easy to get sucked in for hours watching reel and then another one. And then, oops, about 10 more. These videos can have music in them. That music and audio can actually be snatched for later, which is pretty handy. If you’ve ever wondered how to keep or share different music from those reels, check out these tips below.

How the “Reel” World Works

Some people will really use a reel to take advantage of the opportunity for growth on their accounts. Creating a reel or two might be one option to be seen and get engagement. You can even buy 20 Instagram likes from companies like HotDot to get that reel going for others to see.

Instagram reels are short videos. They can have anything in them, from music to people talking or doing stunts to even just silence. The idea came to IG shortly after Tik Tok became so popular. Now they are popular across the board.

The video clip is only about 15 seconds total. There are filters, effects, sounds, and tons of different tools you are allowed to use as you create your own fun stuff.

You should have the capability to extract the sounds for your own use later on. That’s what this guide is focused on. There are several different methods so check those out below.

How to Extract IG Audio on a Reel

Extracting any audio by saving is perhaps the easier method to access it, but there are some motions for that process. It’s simply a process that you will have to work through. If you’re watching the reel, start here. That’s where you need to access any sounds or audio.

If you remember whatever video you liked that you want to use audio from, head out and find that sucker again. In order to keep this noise production, you should open up the considered reel in question. IG identifies that noise or music with a caption you can see on the bottom of the screen.

There should be a title for whatever that sound is. Start by just selecting that identification detail. That will point you to another location. The new screen should be for the audio you selected. Save it from here.  

This won’t take up any space or phone data storage. It all gets just saved to your IG account so you can access it there later. When ready, find the folder for saved things on your Instagram.

The folder with the saved selection is in your menu. From there, you can create a reel. You can also just go out to make your video and add the music while creating.

Online Extraction

Another method to save audio from a video is to extract it. Maybe you adored the noises of the ocean waves crashing on that IG travel page. That’s not your everyday musical noises, but it can still be used. You just need an extraction process to make it happen.

To extract the noise, you need the link to that reel with it. When you are watching the reel, there should be a menu. It might be three dots, but it should open up some options for you. One of those is to copy a link. Go ahead and choose the “copy link” button.

Now, head on out to a website that is designed for extracting the sounds. There are several options to choose from, so just find the one that works for you. Here’s how to use that site.

  1. Take the link you copied from the reel and paste it into their box.
  2. Click the “next” or “download” button. Each site is different.
  3. You will likely see some spammy pop-ups. Just ignore those. Don’t click on them.
  4. The file should download for you as an MP3 file. Find the file and use it as you wish.

Noise Converter Tools

Another option you can use is an audio converter tool. This type of tool will take audio, like what you have in a reel, and convert them to MP3. This allows you to do more than just create another reel with the audio.

This process is slightly more challenging, but it does work if you go through the steps. First, you have to download the reel itself. This is one step beyond downloading just the audio. You’re actually saving the entire reel.

To download that reel to your phone, you can open it up and hit “send.” It’s almost as if you just shared it, but there will be some other steps too.  

A menu will pop up for you on the reel, asking where you want to send it. You can send it in a message, share it like a post, or add it to your story. For this purpose, you want to add it to your story.

Once you “share to story,” you can then download it on the phone. This is one way around other restrictions that sometimes prevent downloading. Just go to your story and choose to download. You can always delete it from your story if you want.

Now, follow these steps to convert.

  1. Use an MP3 converter app. Just search for these on web browsers, but there are also phone apps. Android has one called Video to MP3, but you can access whatever you like.
  2. Once you choose an app, find the option to convert and select.
  3. Select that video that we earlier downloaded.
  4. Tell the software to convert.

The app that you used will convert the video to an audio file, typically MP3. This allows you to use that audio wherever or however you would like to. One might just save that detail to a device or store it in the available files. In some cases, you can store it there in the app that you used as well.

How to Share Your Favorite Ones

You can share almost anything. We’ve given you 3 different methods for using just the audios for your own purposes. But you can just share too!

The first method option is just to follow one of the processes above and then turn around and pass that along to others to see or hear. You could also pass along the music by creating your own content using said audio. The first process we shared is ideal for that purpose.

Another option is to simply share the visuals that you enjoy for someone else to see. That’s the great thing about IG, you can share these things with anyone out there. You loved what they created, so help other people enjoy it. The truth is, you’re likely assisting the person whose stuff you share.  

To share the entire thing, just select that menu or that little image that has three dots. This will present a menu for you. This is the share menu. In some places, you might actually see an arrow icon, which is common for “share” purposes.

Choose how you want to share the reel. Would you like to send it in a message, post it in a group, put it in your own feed, or add it to your story? You can do any or all of these. You can typically only select one action at a time. So, if you do want to share it in multiple places, you will have to share it multiple times.

Closing Up

These things can really be a lot of fun. The best part is that they are only 15 seconds long, so you don’t have to devote as much time as watching a full-length video. You can click past a reel that doesn’t interest you. You can also watch and re-watch a reel that you really love. It’s totally your call.

Social media platforms have made the reel experience very enjoyable. Choose to use music from others and create your own unique approach to it. Or just find ways to download that item and just save it away. It’s totally your choice.

With these processes, you should be able to easily extract or even pass along the music from just about an IG reel that you love.

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